Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring Has Sprung Early

Even though Spring has officially began, the warm weather came a lot earlier this year. Right now, I am looking out the window at the green grass, the green leaves on the trees, and the flower bulbs about to burst open. Every day, I look outside at my plants and trees to see how much they have grown. More people are out running and enjoying this weather. A big sign of what is to come during the summer months. I love warm weather!

The question: when do I start planning the garden?

Supposedly, Spring came about one month early this year. Does that mean I start planning one month early? Maybe! What if there is another frost or cold weather? Does that matter? If the ground is warm, maybe not. Looks like I need to start planning the garden arrangement now!


Michelle said...

Our weather's been crazy too. Our trees bloomed early, then it rained and they were knocked off! So, our almonds and apricots won't be too plentiful this year I fear.


Michelle @ :)

All Natural Katie said...

@Michelle - I am afraid of the same thing. I hope we don't get any frosts to kill any of the blackberry and apple buds.

ohkeeka said...

I am kicking myself right now because I took the warm weather as a sign that I could start planting stuff in the garden a few weeks before the last frost date. And guess what? We're supposed to get frost tonight. :( So I would definitely wait until your last frost date, despite the warmer than usual weather!

Katherines Corner said...

weather her is crazy too. We have our peas onions and root veggie in that's all we can plant for now. Probably the same for you too. xo

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