Saturday, August 4, 2012

Letting Go of My Starbucks Cup

I love Starbucks coffee! I visit Starbucks frequently throughout the work week. While the cup can be rinsed and recycled (depending on your local recycling infrastructure), the #6 lids are not recyclable in my area. Some (including me) would argue that just because you can recycle it does not mean you should get it. Recycling takes energy and also impacts the environment.

Obviously, the best option is to bring your own cup. However, I love holding a disposable Starbucks cup in my hand. There is just something about it fitting perfectly in my hand. I like my coffee and cappuccinos hot, so I will usually reheat them throughout the day. You cannot really put a coffee travel mug (unless it is plastic and we are trying to avoid plastic here) in the microwave and coffee in cups/mugs ends up getting cold too fast.

In an effort to start mentally preparing for National Zero Waste Week (September 3-9), I am going to make a sacrifice and start using a reusable coffee mug for my morning Starbucks coffee. If I need to reheat the coffee, I will use a ceramic mug I have on my desk at work to reheat in the microwave. It will only be for one week, right? I might even realize that it is not so bad!

You can attend the National Zero Waste Week event on Facebook.

P.S. Even most greenies will struggle with some not-so-eco-friendly conveniences throughout their daily routines. I want to share with you, my dear readers, that not everything about living green is going to be easy. We first have to change ourselves, our thoughts processes, our preferences, before we can influence others.

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