Monday, June 24, 2013

How to Grow a Sprouted Onion

 photo All Natural Katie

I am always looking for quick and easy gardening projects. When one of my onions sprouted and started to rot, I decided to find out if I could plant it before throwing it in the compost pile. Planting a sprouted onion will not grow more onions, but will grow green onions and blooms that will produce seeds. Supposedly, from those seeds, more onions will grow. Sounds like a fun experiment. Below are the steps to planting a sprouted onion:

1.       Follow the sprouted greens to carefully cut and remove any dried and rotten parts. This will expose the “bulbs.”

2.       Separate the sprouted “bulbs.”

3.       Plant the sprouted “bulbs” in soil.

4.       Water regularly.

For my next gardening project, I have been looking at “The Gro Project” on the fun garden projects page to see what fun and creative projects others are starting. Miracle-Gro fun garden projects page is a great resource for any of your gardening needs. My next project is going to be a succulent centerpiece. I am in love with succulents! I plan on purchasing Miracle-Gro Cactus, Palm and Citrus Soil to provide the best start for my succulents.

If you are looking for more gardening projects or more general information on gardening, the Miracle-Gro website is a great resource. Miracle-Gro already offers Organic Choice Garden Soil and Organic Choice Potting Mix. I would like to see Miracle-Gro expand their line of organic and natural products and methods for taking care of my yard and my plants.

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