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Pediped Lightweight Sneakers for Children [review + GIVEAWAY]

Pediped shoes have always been a favorite of our family, from the beginning! Pediped shoes have held up really well and the styles are always adorable. More importantly than that, the shoes provide the right support for growing feet. As my 3 year old is now a confident walker with a solid stride, the Pediped Flex line offers lightweight sneakers and as close to barefoot shoes for toddlers as you can get.

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Pediped Flex Force                
Pediped Flex Gehrig              
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

The Good
The Not So Good
High quality materials
Sizes run a little big
Adorable style

Flexible sole

Machine washable

Pediped Flex - Force athletic style sneakers in grey and lime are a great summer sneaker. While open toed sandals are usually our go to shoe in the summer, having a lightweight sneaker that is water-safe and machine washable is a must have. One of my favorite features of this shoe is the super flexible sole. The sole is made from rubber and phylon. It is more flexible than usual outsoles, which is great for providing comfort and structure. The sole reminds me a lot of barefoot shoes, which are very important for children's feet as they allow for proper foot development.

The Force's main feature is the Ultra Light Technology - breathable mesh upper, heel cushion, water-safe, machine-washable, and ultra light weight of 5 oz.

The Flex Fit System provides additional insoles that can be insert for a snugger fit as the feet grow. I've used this system before when the shoes were a little large for my son's foot and was able to get more than one season of wearing the shoes.

Fit: Pediped Flex shoes seem to fit big (half to 1 size bigger) on my son. My son has slimmer fit. Force's were about 1/2 bigger on my son. I used the Flex Fit System for a snugger fit. He was running around the house in the shoes, so they weren't too big on him. Though I will either pair them with thicker socks or wait several months before he wears them on a daily basis. The design of the shoes fit his slim foot very well.

 Results: My 3 year old son did not want to take these athletic-style sneakers off. He wore them around the house all afternoon. I like the style of the shoe because it is athletic, but more on the neutral color side with a little pop of color. The shoes open up wide enough for him to be able to get them on himself. The super flexible sole will be great for playing outdoors. These shoes are also water friendly.


Pediped Flex - Gehrig is another sneaker style closed toed shoe in night blue with orange accents. This style reminds me more of European soccer type sneakers. These shoes are a little less atheltic looking than the Force style. Gehrig shoes are made from a synthetic upper, breathable mesh lining, flexible rubber sole, and velcro closure (2 part).

The sole is on the thinner side, which is similar to barefoot shoes and is great for developing feet.

The Flex Fit System provides additional insoles that can be insert for a snugger fit as the feet grow. I've used this system before when the shoes were a little large for my son's foot and was able to get more than one season of wearing the shoes.

Fit: The width of the shoe is pretty standard. This style fits 1/2 size large.  My son has slimmer fit. As with the Force's, using the Flex Fit System will help provide a better fit. The toe cap is a little on the smaller side.

Results: The Gehrig shoe is a great all around shoe to have in my son's closet. The style is casual enough to get dirty playing in the park, but also dressy enough to pair with khakis for church.

To Clean: Both shoes are machine washable. Allow to air dry or use a shoe drying insert in the dryer on low to medium heat. I have also found that just using a damp rag to wipe dirt off has worked well.

I would highly recommend Pediped shoes for 3 reasons:
  1. High quality design focus on shoe technology and developing feet
  2. Water-safe, washable and dryable
  3. Flexible and comfortable (rubber outsole)
I have purchased and always recommend Pediped shoes to anyone with children. The focus on shoe technology to support growing and developing feet results in comfortable shoes with adorable designs. The styles with thinner soles makes great child barefoot shoes that provide support and flexibility for growing feet.


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