Thursday, December 1, 2016

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream [review]

The colder weather brought drier skin. The natural, oil based moisturized I was using during the summer was just not cutting it. I needed something to hydrate and moisturize my skin. Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream is made from natural ingredients and is a good natural winter moisturizer to keep skin healthy and supple.

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream     
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

The Good
The Not So Good
Contains organic and natural ingredients

Doesn't clog pores

Comes in a dark glass bottle

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream is natural daily moisturizer made from organic and natural ingredients. The moisturized is oil based but looks like it has been whipped to get a white consistency. My other oil based moisturizers are liquid oils mixed together. This Day Cream is actually a cream. It has an off-white color to it due to the natural ingredients and olive oil base. Like the other Herbal Choice products that I reviewed, I really like that the ingredients list does contain only natural ingredients that I can pronounce and ingredients that I could get myself.

The day cream comes in a dark glass bottle with a matching metal lid. Another big plus because it is usually hard to find beauty products in glass bottles. The dark glass is important for protecting the natural ingredients from going rancid. Let's look at the ingredients list!

Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream Ingredients:
Organic olive oil, purified water (alkaline), wild harvested candelilla wax, organic sweet orange, organic geranium, organic bilberry leaf, organic burdock root, organic sage herb.
The ingredients list is one of the most natural that I have been able to find. I am very excited about this product and this company because of their commitment to high quality, natural products. Since the day cream does contain water and no preservative, the shelf life is on the shorter side. I would recommend keeping the day cream jar in the refrigerator to help prolong shelf life.

Results: The day cream feels lightweight on my fingers, but it goes on heavier on my skin.Just a little bit of the day cream is enough and I can easily spread it over my face. I do have to be very careful about how much I put on my face because my skin will start to look greasy. Some of the day cream absorbs after a while, but not all of it. That's why I feel like this day cream is great for the winter when you might want a heavier moisturizer. Another thing to note is that my skin turned a little red right after rubbing the cream on my face, but I think that's because I was rubbing the skin and not because of a reaction to the cream. The redness went away within 1-2 minutes.

Look to Herbal Choice Mari Organic Day Cream for a truly natural day cream to moisturize your dry skin. The ingredients list is impressive and natural!

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