Saturday, December 22, 2012

Challenge: Cooking Without Small Appliances [#CTWW]

Some might call me crazy, some might appreciate, but only a few will understand. When cooking side items for the holidays, I decided not to use any powered small appliances, only the stove and oven. It's just me, the cutting board, the knife, and the mortar and pestle. Who needs a food processor?!?! Chop the almonds, toast, then grind them up with the mortar and pestle. No annoying sounds of small appliances and no need to clean them. Yes, it takes a little elbow grease, but I can enjoy the relaxing music playing through the iPod speakers.

>> What are some of your eco-friendly tips for reducing impact on the environment?



Elle S. said...

I used to make a pretty good bean burger from scratch that entailed mashing several pounds of beans by hand. A lot of work but worth it. I do use the food processor for hummus though; just can't get it smooth enough by hand.

Lisa Brown said...

I bet there is a certain satisfaction you get by not using appliances, and I certainly respect that! :) I've always wanted to go "old school" and grind my own flour instead of buying it store-bought... but froze when I had to choose (and pay for) a grinder. Merry Christmas!

Betsy Barnes said...

I use the slow cooker all the time. We were looking for ways to use less electricity and it has been a year since we used the oven and we have saved a lot, plus, I have learned how to use the slow cooker for even making desserts :)

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