Monday, July 29, 2013

Nordic Naturals Partners To Improve Literacy

Did you know that if you read to babies, they will grow up liking to read themselves? Having books on your coffee table provides accessibility to reading for your children. Reading is one of the most powerful gifts you can give you to not only your children, but anyone else, even adults. The ability to read has been shown to increase life expectancy ( Reading improves literacy and provides the building blocks to help children experience a better world. Nordic Naturals is helping do this through their Back to School Essentials product promotion.

The Back to School Essentials product promotion supports the U.S. Literacy Program for the non-profit Save the Children. From July 1 through September 30, for every bottle of Baby’s DHA, Children’s DHA™, Omega-3.6.9. Junior™, Ultimate Omega Junior®, and Nordic Berries™ sold at RETAIL stores, $1 will be donated to the Save the Children organization.

As Keri Marshall, Chief Medical Officer at Nordic Naturals, states below, the partnership between Nordic Naturals and Save the Children will pay dividends in the future.

“Supporting learning in children has always been a passion for us at Nordic Naturals,” notes Keri Marshall, Chief Medical Officer for the company. “Omega-3s have proven themselves as important building blocks not only for overall health in children but in supporting a child’s ability to learn. We are proud to be associated with Save the Children and to support their meaningful work to improve childhood literacy in this country.”

Although I personally have not been around communities affected by illiteracy, I know that reading and writing are very important basic life skills. Every baby, child, and adult should have access to learn these skills. If we do not know how to read and write, then we limit ourselves in our potential for education and personal empowerment.

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