Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Garden: Lots of Rain, Lots of Growth [#CTWW]

Gardening is one of my passions. I love getting outside to find a location for a new plant, to dig the hole for the new plant, and then to water the newly planted plant. I love taking daily garden and yard tours to see how the plants are growing and what flowers are getting ready to bloom. Lots of rain and sunshine lately have resulted in the garden having lots of growth. Read below to find out what I'm growing in the garden, the container garden and some other locations in the flower beds.

This week's challenge:

This week, plant something edible. Plant in a garden, raised bed, a container, etc. If you don't have space outside, consider herbs or lettuce in a small pot placed in a kitchen window. Try placing some seed potatoes in the ground (dig a small hole and drop them in) ... then sit back and watch them grow. If you're moving into autumn, consider planting a fruit tree or perhaps a nut tree. The idea this week is to plant food.

In previous years, things tended to overgrow and crowd each other. This year, I tried to space out plants farther apart to give them more room to grow. Some plants were started from seed sowed directly in the ground, other were purchased as plants from a local nursery. The salad greens and kale have loved the rain. Looks like I will be cooking with lots of kale in the coming weeks.

Sugar snap peas were sowed about 2 weeks apart and are growing nicely up the back chicken wire fencing.

My husband added our compost to the garden. This means you never know what will reseed itself. I found about 10 small tomato plants growing in the garden. I left them in there (which didn't help the crowding issue) to see how they would do. The black walnut tree next to the garden is supposed to secrete a chemical that is toxic to tomato plants, which is why I have the tomato container garden in front of the house.

Container Garden
Tomatoes! Tomatoes! And basil thrown in for companion planting. I acquired a few more pots to increase the number of plants I can plant.  

Berry Bushes
I have a blackberry bush and a blueberry bush (planted last year). Critters have been munching on the leaves of each, so I am in the process of creating fencing for both. I created an arch/hoop system for the blueberry with 10ft PVC pining, held in place by 2ft rebar, covered with bird netting. 

Edible Garden
One of my goal is to have an edible garden in the front. When I ran out of room in the garden to plant one kale plant, I decided to plant it in the front. It is doing well. Not as good as the kale in the garden, but that is expected since the garden has richer soil. The kale adds a nice touch of color and texture.

(The photo is from about 1+ months ago.)

>> What is growing (or not growing) in your garden??

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