Sunday, August 17, 2014

Toddler Adventures: Parks and Back Yards

I am starting a new series, Toddler Adventures, to capture our weekly toddler activities. My 16 month old toddler is running around and discovering the world. This series will capture unschooling activities, free play, park and playground visits, Montessori style learning activities like sensory bins and busy bags, and whatever else we get into.

I am a firm believer of spending as much time outside and in nature as possible. Fresh air and the green grass and trees help to calm me down. A dose of sunshine boosts my mood. Plus, my 16 month old toddler loves discovering something new in the back yard, ripping freshly bloomed flowers in the front yard or apples off dedushka's (grandpa's) tree. With the mild summer weather we have had, playing in the yard and visiting parks has become part of our everyday life.

Apple picking in dedushka's back yard

Discovering sand in the horseshoe pit

Taking a rest on a park bench

Playing at the base of a big tree

Walking down grammy's street to see what's at the end

>> What kinds of adventures do your kids get into??

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