Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Prevent Pouch Messes with Pouch Pal [review]

When we started to transition our son to table food, pouches became a hot topic. I felt like every mom around me was pulling out pouches left and right. I finally decided to purchase some for our long drive to the beach. I thought it would be a good option for giving a snack in the car and a novelty for my son. However, at 14 months, he wasn't quite ready to consume the pouches on his own. So, I didn't purchase pouches for a long time. My son is almost 3 years old and can handle a pouch on his own, but I still worry about him squeezing it when it's not in his mouth and making a mess. Pouch Pal is a hard plastic case that houses a baby food pouch in such a way that babies and toddlers are able to suck the pouch dry without being able to squeeze it!

Pouch Pal      

Rating: total green check marks out of 5.
Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest. 

The Good
The Not So Good
Easy to use
Made from plastic

Does prevent pouch messes

Pouch Pal has a ton of awesome features that makes it the only product of its kind on the market. It has child-resistant latches that little fingers can’t pop open, a curvy design that is easy for those little hands to grasp, and a cap-saver space to hold the cap to the baby food pouch while your kid is snacking.

The Pouch Pal’s design pinches the sides of the pouch and pushes it up from the bottom so that all the food can be sucked out with no vacuum seals forming. The first time I gave my toddler a pouch in the car was in the Pouch Pal. I was confident that he wouldn't squeeze it all over himself and the car seat. Plus, he enjoyed playing with the Pouch Pal cover! If your kid is a thrower, consider wrapping a hair tie around the waist of the Pouch Pal before handing it over to your little one.

The key to successfully loading a food pouch into a Pouch Pal is to “rainbow” the bottom of the pouch and load it from the bottom first. Inserting a pouch into the Pouch Pal is pretty simple, and it will take just a few times to get it down. After using Pouch Pal a few times, I had figured out the trick!

Most major brands (and a ton of smaller ones) are compatible with Pouch Pal. In general, pouches up to 4.22 ounces fit in Pouch Pal. Here is a list of pouches that are compatible. Some pouches with different nozzles, or those where the nozzle is on the side, won’t fit. Here is a list of non-compatible pouches. Trader Joe's pouches are a little on the smaller size, but they still fit well in the Pouch Pal.

Pouch Pal is available on Amazon, and shipping is free if you purchase two or more. The following colors are available: turquoise, cobalt, bubblegum, and coral. Use the Pouch Pal coupon code BRTQLNST for an additional 25% off of your order (expires March 31, 2016)!

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