Monday, June 18, 2012

Freshly Picked From My Garden

A lot of people don't understand why you should know where your food comes from, that they should try to grow their own food, and that sometimes, it can be quite easy to grow food yourself.  Yes, sometimes it is also difficult and frustrating.   I encounter a lot of opposition, push back, and confusion about having a garden and trying to grow my own food.  Sometimes, I even encounter it on a weekly basis.  But, I reminder myself why I grow some of my own food.  I do not do it for others.  I do not do it to get praise from others.  I do it for myself.  I do it because I get satisfaction from growing some of my own food.  Something about it just feels right to me.  Once in a while, sometimes a long while, I come across another person that does it for themselves.  And this person reaffirms that I am doing the right thing.  


Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies said...

Oh, my husband doesn't get it either! He sees me putting in so much effort and getting so few veggies in return, but I try to explain to him the satisfaction of watching plants start from seed and preparing meals with things you've grown yourself.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

I have tried a vegetable patch again this year. It is doing pretty good so far! I have several chickens, and there eggs are the best. I love knowing how they are cared for and what they eat.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

I don't have a garden because I don't have room, but we go to a local farm that cuts up the spices and leafy greens when you buy them. Cant get more fresh really! I can't wait until I have a big garden to grow everything!

Emily Meyers said...

Hey there! I found you via the hop and I’m your newest adoring follower! Maybe you could follow back? Also I’d just love for you to come check out a giveaway I’m having that ends tomorrow!! Hope to see you there!

Thanks so much!
Xo, Emily

Unknown said...

@Ladies - I am so glad that you can relate to the opposition/pushback, but also to the satisfaction you get from growing your own food and buying local.

@Kiersten - I find it truly amazing to watch a seed become a plant and bare fruit/veggies. I go into my garden almost every day to see what is growing.

@Susie Home Maker - I am impressed that you are keeping chickens!

@Good Girl - I hope you are able to start a garden soon! :)

@Erin - Thank you for stopping by. I am hopping back over now!

Kat said...

Hi! Love your blog. Following from Super Stalker Sunday Blog Hop! I would appreciate the follow back! Have a great day!


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