Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Challenge: Eating Out of the Freezer - Day 1 [#CTWW]

The challenge for this week is to not buy food at the grocery store. You can read about this week's challenge here: Eating Out of the Freezer.

Day 1 (Monday)

Snowville Creamery grass-fed milk (fridge, new container bought last week)
Organic fried egg with organic coconut oil (fridge, picked up from CSA farm last week)
Organic Ezekiel bread (freezer, I usually freeze 1/2 of the bread)

Organic banana (fridge, bought last week)
Mostly organic granola bar (pantry, home made)

Organic oatmeal (pantry)
Organic fresh green figs (fridge, bought last week)
Almonds (freezer)

Stonyfield organic yogurt (fridge, case of yogurt bought last week)
Organic banana (fridge, bought last week)

Organic chicken, baked (freezer)
Sauteed fermented cabbage (fridge, previously fermented with my dad)
Organic quinoa with dried herbs (pantry)

Thoughts: So far, so good, but I am only one day in. I am grateful that I bought extra bananas and apples last week, a new container of milk, a case of yogurt on sale (Whole Foods gives a discount on cases), and had my husband pick up a dozen eggs from the CSA farm. When these items were purchased/picked up, I was not planning on not grocery shopping this week. However, because I have these items on hand, this week's breakfasts, lunches, and snacks will be easier to put together.

>> What tips do you have for eating out of the freezer and/or pantry?


Allyson Bossie said...

This is a great way to live. We grocery shop once a month and fill the freezer with meat purchased at our local meat market which is stocked with grass fed beef and organic chicken. We live in the country. I raise my own organic chickens and eggs (my chickens are pets and we have never eaten one :D so we just eat the eggs) and I make my own bread. So we only buy milk at the dairy in the month. All else is purchased and stocked up. I HATE grocery shopping

All Natural Katie said...

@Allyson - I would love to find a local meat market here that sells grass-fed meat. I can get chicken at our CSA Farm and I usually buy grass-fed and/or local meat at Whole Foods.

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