Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weekly Challenge: Eating Out of the Freezer - Day 3 [#CTWW]

The challenge for this week is to not buy food at the grocery store. You can read about this week's challenge here: Eating Out of the Freezer, Day 1, Day 2.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

Snowville Creamery grass-fed milk (fridge, new container bought last week)
Organic fried egg with organic coconut oil (fridge, picked up from CSA farm last week)
Organic cheddar cheese (fridge, previously bought)
Organic Ezekiel bread (freezer, I usually freeze 1/2 of the bread)

Mostly organic granola bar (pantry, home made)

Organic pear (fridge, bought last week)
Pizza (homemade, left over from last night)

Organic apple (fridge, bought last week)
Stonyfield organic yogurt (fridge, case of yogurt bought last week)

Pasta with veggies and salami, including:
   Organic whole wheat pasta (pantry)
   Eggplant (freezer, left overs previously frozen, home grown)
   Roasted peppers (freezer, left overs previously frozen)
   Kale (freezer, previously frozen fresh)
   Organic balsamic vinegar (pantry)
   Uncured Sopresata salami (pantry, previously bought)
   Whole grain bread (freezer, previously bought)

Thoughts: Breakfasts and snacks have been pretty easy because they are standard for us. For lunch, we are eating left overs from the night before (another standard practice in our household). Dinners are proving to be the most challenging meal. I was thinking that if I just buy tons of meat/fish and freeze it, I could do this challenge all the time. However, my freezer would be stuffed full (of meat) and nothing else. Then again, I do not eat meat, so maybe 50% meat, 50% veggies. LOL

I decided to do the challenge through Saturday since I will be going to the grocery store on Sunday. Saturday night, we are going to a birthday party, so that meal is out. I am left to plan meals for two more nights, and breakfast and lunch on Saturday. I am not going to cook with any more meat, so it will be vegetarian from now on. I do not think that my husband would like to eat pasta with veggies for two more nights, so I might have to bake some type of casserole. I have some sour cream and milk left over from last week. Surely I can come up with something!

>> What tips do you have for eating out of the freezer and/or pantry?


Kiersten @ Oh My Veggies said...

I'm interested in seeing how this goes! We freeze a lot of our leftovers from dinner (since it's just the two of us, there are almost always leftovers!) and have those a week or two later, but I'm not really organized or purposeful about it...

Katherines Corner said...

we rarely have leftovers. I cook enough for the two of us and then lunch for my husband the next day. But we do have clean out the fridge meals. giggle. Thank you for joining in the fun at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Happy Tuesday wishes xo P.S. sorry I'm so late visiting :-)

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