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Good Health With Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil [Review]

I believe that a vegetarian diet is better, healthier, and easier on my body. However, several months ago, the need for a high-protein and high EPA/DHA/Vitamin A/D/Omega-3 diet became my new reality. I know that I cannot get all of the nutrients my body needs from a strictly vegetarian diet. I thought long and hard about eating fish and meat again (one of the highest sources of these nutrients). I started off with finding plant-based sources of protein and taking Krill Oil. I added eggs to my diet. The more I read about EPA/DHA, Vitamins A and D, and Omega 3, the more I knew that bringing fish back into my diet was absolutely necessary. However, eating fish again after not eating it for 10 months did not sit well with my stomach. If I was going to continue with my vegetarian diet (plus eggs), I knew I had to find the best Fish Oil out there. Several sources pointed me right to Green Pasture products. I settled on Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil. For a strong mind, body, spirit, and well-being, make Green Pasture's Cod Liver Oil part of your daily diet.

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil    ($44.00, 118 servings)
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
High quality, natural cod liver oil
Fishy taste (this is fish oil!)
Wild caught

Affordable price per serving

Glass bottle can be reused/recycled

I received Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil very quickly. I could not wait to get into it and try it. Yes, I know you might think I am crazy. This is Cod Liver Oil, non-flavored, and fermented. How good could it taste? Actually, I liked it! The flavor reminded me of canned sardines. The flavor is not really a gross fishy flavor, but the flavor of small little sardines that have been marinating in oil. After a couple of weeks, I liked the flavor even more and more. Before your take the Cod Liver Oil, watch this video to find out how best to swallow the oil. Sometimes, I follow with water and sometimes with milk. The taste does not phase me at all.

I take Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil every morning. I will admit that I do have a some "fishy" burps for a few hours after taking it, but they usually go away by lunch time. Honestly, the fishy taste and fishy burps are really not that bad. For the amount of nutrients and vitamins I am getting, I will gladly take a couple fishy burps. If you are averse to fishy tastes, Green Pasture also offers Arctic Mint and Cinnamon Tingle flavors and Non-Gel Orange capsules. These flavors are great for kids!

Let me talk a little bit about real food. Real food is what our grandparents and generations before them ate. This is real food that is caught or grown in the wild, not the packaged convenience snacks and meals that are found on grocery store shelves (even at Whole Foods). It is crucial to eat real foods, real butters, real meats/fish, and real produce because that our bodies are meant to eat. We get the most nutrients from eating real food and we avoid many diseases and problems that are present in our society. Cod Liver Oil is a real food, as opposed to synthetic, man-made supplements. Synthetic supplements are not absorbed as well by our bodies and do not provide the same benefits as taking the real, natural forms of the same nutrients. Ask your grandparents, even your parents, about Cod Liver Oil. In Eastern Europe, as is done in other countries, my mom used to receive a daily tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil in kindergarten. In orphanages, babies and kids are fed Cod Liver Oil. Why? Because it is one of the best sources of nutrients to keep babies and kids growing and support adult bodies.

Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil can benefit adults, children, and especially pregnant and nursing women who need all of these nutrients and vitamins to ensure healthy development of their babies. Babies in the womb and up to 1 year desperately need DHA and Omega-3s for healthy brain development. Real foods are very important because they also provide crucial nutrients. Eating foods like eggs, coconut oil, raw milk (if available), raw milk cheeses (readily available), cream, fish eggs, etc. are going to provide the foundation for healthy future generations. The more and more I read about pregnancy and breastfeeding diets, the more I realize that real food (including fish, fish products, and whole dairy) is more important than my beliefs about a vegetarian diet. Whether you switch to whole/raw dairy, supplement with Cod Liver Oil, or eat a little bit of fish, your body and your children will greatly benefit.

I would highly recommend Green Pasture products because of the high quality, natural, wild sources of oils that offer the highest amounts of nutrients and vitamins. Whether your diet consists of meat/fish or not, supplementing with Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil will keep you and your family strong and healthy.

Disclosure: I received the sample from the company in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. I am under no pressure to return the product to the company or to write this review. This product review is based on my personal experiences. This review is objective and completely honest. I am not a medical professional. The intent of this review is not to provide medical advice. Please speak with your doctor if you have any questions about taking this product.

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