Sunday, April 22, 2012

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Since we have been out of the country on vacation over the past week, this post will focus on the eco-friendly aspects of our beach vacation. Although we stayed at a big beach resort, there were many eco-friendly measures that the hotel chain was taking to ensure that the environmental impact of their business was being reduced by the employees and the guests.
  1. No straws at the bar, unless you specifically ask for them
  2. Drinking purified water instead of bottled water
  3. Reusing towels all week long
  4. Walking through the resort complex instead of taking the trolly
  5. Running on the beach and through the resort complex instead of the gym


Good Girl Gone Green said...

I love that they don't give straws! YAY!

Unknown said...

All those little things add up ... how great that they are making the effort. Which country did you visit? Hope you had a great time!

Katherines Corner said...

wonderful!!!! Even though you are on holiday you still linked up to the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop , you are a great bloggy friend!!!Happy weekend wishes! xo

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