Friday, August 24, 2012

The Top 5 Reasons Why Eco-Friendly Baby Products are Best for Baby

The following post is a guest post from Josh Cooper of Four Green Steps (the largest green marketplace in the world).

Every mother wants what is best for her baby. When you bring that little creature into the world, they become your everything. As you begin taking care of a new baby and introduce them to the world, you quickly find that you only want the very best for your baby. One way to ensure your new bundle of joy is receiving the very best is to use eco-friendly baby products.


In every situation, the safety of your baby is your first priority. Using eco-friendly baby products is one of the greatest ways to guarantee safety when it comes to clothing, toys and other baby necessities. Because these products are made with materials that will not harm the environment and are completely toxin free, they are much safer for your baby to wear and use.

Easy on Baby’s Skin

Research has shown that common baby health issues, such as skin irritations, can be linked to ingredients contained in non-eco-friendly clothing, lotions, shampoos, and other products that touch the skin. Using products that are organic and toxin-free pose no health threat to your baby. The world is already full of so many other toxins that we must do everything we can to provide baby with clean products and a toxin-free home.

Prepare for Baby’s Future

The worst thing for parents to realize is that their tiny, perfect baby is going to grow up. However, babies are going to get older and live in this world for years to come. Using eco-friendly baby products is a smart way to make sure you do not contribute to large landfills or cause poisonous waste.

Setting an Example

Parents can introduce their children to an eco-friendly lifestyle from the time they are a newborn. By using eco-friendly baby products the parent is introducing the baby to a lifestyle and world that cares about the carbon footprint they are leaving behind. Showing your child your belief in preserving our planet will help teach the future generation of this importance.


No parent would want their baby crawling around in chlorine bleach and phosphates. Using cleaning products in your home that are not eco-friendly can cause and unhealthy ‘playground’ for your baby. Many of these products can actually travel through skin and into the bloodstream. Using eco-friendly, non-toxic products in your home will create a healthy environment for your growing and developing baby.

These are some of the ways that you can ensure that your baby is healthy and well. By focusing on natural, organic, and green products, you can give your baby a great start in this world.

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