Thursday, June 20, 2013

To Idle or Not to Idle?

I am a stickler for idling cars, to the point where (as the passenger) I reach over and turn my husband's car off for him if we are idling. My goal is to never idle, when possible.Whenever I am in a parking lot or in the garage, the car goes off. If I know I'm going to be waiting in a long line, I turn the car off.

Recently, I realized that the conveniences of drive-thru windows at coffee shops and banks are increasing the negative impact I make on the environment. I am not a fan of drive-thru windows because I feel like you end up spending more time doing the activity and you are idling among other idling cars. Gross! However, with a baby in the car, I am now choosing to use drive-thru windows. I have had pain and numbness in my wrists and getting the baby in the infant car seat out every time results in more pain and numbness. Yes, I can get the stroller out and try to maneuver into the bank or the coffee shop. Or, I can wear the baby. All good options! But all options increase the amount of times I spend running errands. I am on longer on my schedule. I am on the baby's schedule.

Today, I opt for using the drive-thru window, even if it means idling my car. We are not perfect "greenies" 100% of the time. I am learning that with a baby, something has got to give. A few minutes of idling once a week is what has given.

>> What are your eco-friendly goals that have "given" a little??

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