Monday, March 10, 2014

Two Outfit Challenge [#CTWW]

This week's challenge:

This week, choose two outfits and wear them exclusively for the week. This does not include undergarments. To make this challenge work, do not wash clothes more often than usual. If you feel that your clothing needs freshening up, try hanging it in the bathroom while you shower ... or hang it outside for "airing". The idea is to see if we can live with less while maintaining water conservation and good environmental practices.

OR ... If you absolutely need more than two outfits this week, please do an analysis of your closet. How many items do you have? Where (which country) were they manufactured? Are you aware of the factory working conditions in that part of the world? What materials are used? Are any natural fibers dyed or bleached? If cotton is used, is it organic? Do any items include plastic (buttons, trim, etc.)? Take an honest look at your closet. Once you've gathered the results, how could you make your wardrobe more Eco-friendly?

Even though I stay at home with a baby every day, my thirst for fashion and looking stylish has not changed. I still think about how I present myself through my wardrobe and I still love to go shopping. Shopping does not mean that I necessary purchase anything. I like to look, select, and try on, but I seldom buy. Maybe it is the result of a one income household or maybe it is because I spend most of my days at home in yoga tights or maybe it is because I realized how big of a wardrobe I really had. I love nothing more than purchasing a new outfit, but when I run out of closet space, it is time to reconsider whether I really need another pair of jeans or another sweater. This week, I am participating in the Two Outfit Challenge. 

My goal was to select two outfits that can be mixed and matched. Since I usually wear outfits, especially jeans several times before washing, the "challenge" part of the challenge will be to only wear two outfits. This might even help to reduce the stack of clothes on the cedar chest that my husband hates so much. 

Outfit 1: Bootcut jeans, merino wool sweater

Outfit 2: Skinny jeans, white tank top, button-up sweater

Since the temperatures warmed up a little, I have been opening the windows in the breezeway and using the chairs as clothing racks. Why have I not been doing this all along? Growing up in Eastern Europe, my family hung clothes outside on clothes lines to "air out" in the sun every day. I will strive to do this more often during the warmer months.

Switching between two pairs of jeans was very easy for me. I have lost weight since being pregnant and giving birth; my pre-pregnancy jeans are all big on me except for a pair of skinny jeans and a new pair of bootcut jeans I purchased last year. Basically, only two pairs of jeans in my closet fit me now.

The two sweater limitation was difficult. I found myself wanting a little more variety than just two sweaters. After 4 days, I became sick of the same two sweaters. However, since I mostly stay at home during the days, it was not as hard as if I left the house every day. "Airing out" the sweaters was a must. Using the breezeway helped to keep the sweaters fresher than throwing them on the cedar chest (my usual practice).

Although the two outfit challenge was a little difficult for me in terms of a variety of clothing items that I am usually used to wearing, I believe I could move forward with something like a six item challenge or a 3-5 outfit challenge. The beauty of this challenge is that I can continue to do it every week or every month, choosing different outfits each time. My biggest lesson learned was using the breezeway with the windows open to "air out" clothing instead of washing it more frequently. 

>> Would you be able to only wear two outfits for one week??

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