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See Kai Run Spring Shoes for Toddlers [review]

Selecting quality shoes for toddlers is important! Providing the right support structure for developing feet as well as shoes that will hold up for more than a couple of months is critical for me. Babies feet grow very fast in the first 2 years and then slow down to about 1/2 size increase every 6 months. While you feel like you might be purchasing so many shoes in the first few years of your child's life, the investment is well worth it. See Kai Run offers high quality shoes that are comfortable and long lasting.

See Kai Run Mackinac       
See Kai Run Strive              
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
High quality materials
Some styles run a little large/loose
Adorable style

Great traction outsole

See Kai Run - Mackinac sandals in Blue with navy and orange trim are my favorite outdoor summer toddler shoe! Last year, my 2 year old son wore the Bryant sandals and he loved them! The great features of these sandals is that they are washable. Though I prefer leather shoes, washable shoes are a must have for a little boy who loves to be outside. The Mackinac sandals are made from a synthetic washable upper, padded textured footbed, and a flexible rubber outsole. See Kai Run has come out with a new rubber outsole that is more grippy, especially on wet/slick surfaces. The sandals feature a 3 point hook and loop (Velcro) closure that ensure a great fit for a skinny or a fuller foot. It also makes taking the shoes off very easy. For children's shoes, I prefer for the shoes to open up so that I can get my toddler's foot inside of them.

Fit: The length of size 8.5 fits a little bit small and the sandals are on the slimmer side. I probably should have ordered 1/2 bigger (and this was previously recommended by my See Kai Run contact). The straps cinch down very well, so I can get a good fit of the sandals around his skinny foot. These are great sandals for skinny/slim feet!

Results: We have only had a few warm days, so we have been testing the sandals inside. These sandals are very similar to the Bryant ones he wore last year, so I am confident they will work out just as well! Mackinac sandals will be great for playing in the yard or for pool/water table parties. Clean up will be easy with a few sprays of the hose or washing in the sink under cold water. The shoes dry quickly.

See Kai Run - Strive closed toed leather shoes in Blue are a great classic sneaker that is appropriate for most occasions from casual to dressy. Strive trainers are made from leather and canvas with a rubberized leather heel and toe. The insoles and lining are also made from leather, which makes the shoes breathable. The adjustable hook and loop strap and faux laces make getting the shoes on and off really easy. The outsoles are made from rubber and are scruff-resistant. This shoe also features the new outsoles from See Kai Run that are great for almost any weather conditions. No slipping on wet surfaces!

Fit: The width of the shoe is pretty standard and the shoes fit true to size. My son has been wearing with thinner socks and the shoes fit great! The shoe on the right shoes how big the opening can go. The shoe on the left shoes how tight the velco tightens. These shoes fit my toddler's slim foot very well.

Results: The Strive shoe is a great all around shoe to have in my son's closet. I wanted a shoe that was casual enough for the playground, but dressy enough for church. These shoes will even look great with shorts!

To Clean: Use a little mild detergent on a damp rag. Allow to air dry. I have also found that just using a damp rag to wipe dirt off has worked well.

How do See Kai run shoes fit?

I have ordered shoes online for my toddler a few times now. Though I feel more confident than I did the first time, it still seems to be a bit of a guessing game. The best strategy is to use the sizing guide and/or to talk to customer service about their recommendation based on the shoe style. Since my son has been wearing See Kai Run sandals and closed toed shoes, I knew what size he was in now and could account for 1/2-1 size growth.
  • Leather closed toed shoes fit relatively true to size
  • Sneakers fit relatively true to size
  • Sandals tend to run large, order 1/2 size down
  • Skimmers run small, order 1/2 size up

I would highly recommend See Kai Run shoes for 3 reasons:
  1. High quality materials (leather top/insoles and rubber outsoles)
  2. Designs are made for growing feet
  3. Comfortable
I would purchase See Kai Run shoes in the future and have been recommending them to my mom friends. I really like the selection of shoes for every season, the high quality leather materials, and the comfortable, ergonomic design that is perfect for growing feet.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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