Thursday, October 6, 2011

Getting Crunchy with Katie: 5 Easy Tips for Eco-Friendly Travel

I have a few luxury comfort requirements when I travel:
  1. Air conditioning in hot locations, heat in cold locations (definitely required)
  2. TV or Internet (either one will do, although I could probably live without both)
These requirements are far from being eco-friendly.  I would probably never be able to vacation al fresco, off the grid, or in an eco-hotel in the middle of nowhere.  At the least, I need the comfort of the air conditioning and the indoors to escape the hot sun rays after being on the beach all day.  To offset the requirements above, I make a few small changes that reduce my impact on the environment when I travel.

Click over to Mommy Living the Life of Riley Blog to read about my 5 practical tips for staying green when I travel:

>> How do you behave differently when you travel?  What small changes can you make to reduce your impact on the environment?

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