Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Hate Bacon!

There, I said it! I hate bacon! I will not touch bacon with a 10-foot pole! The disappointing thing is that my husband loves bacon. He grew up eating bacon and his mom always cooks bacon when we visit. The smell of bacon (and breakfast sausage) makes me want to gag. I refuse to buy bacon (even the organic, preservative-free bacon).  If you love bacon, more power to you! We can agree to disagree. :)

My recent encounters with bacon being hidden in restaurant foods has triggered this post.  At a work happy hour, I was offered to try a stuffed mushroom appetizer.  A few bites later, I realized that the stuffing had bacon in it.  Mushroom: eaten.  Bacon stuffing: left on plate.  At least the menu mentioned bacon as an ingredient.

On vacation in Florida, I ordered a clam chowder at a local restaurant.  Simple soup with a broth base, clams, tomatoes, celery, and....BACON! I was appalled.  What if I were vegetarian?  What if I could not eat bacon for religous reasons?  How would I ever know that the clam chowder had bacon in it?  I know some recipes include bacon, but at least mention it on the menu (clam and bacon chowder is much more informative).  My husband graciously agreed to switch soups with me.

Thank you for listening to my I-hate-bacon rant. If you are going to eat bacon, buy the uncured variety without any preservatives.  Whole Foods and Fresh Market have several brands.  Restaurants - we appreciate it when you provide details about the ingredients in your dishes.

I will continue to enjoy my bacon-free life.


Fritter said...

LOL! I love bacon. I have many friends that would look at you like you are loony tunes as well- but I totally get what you're saying about it being everywhere. Ack. What if I had an allergy to bacon-- I would not be happy!

jellybelly said...

Bacon was my absolute favorite breakfast food but I knew it was bad food. I finally got over it and have not eaten bacon in maybe 2 years. Stopping by from Hopalong Friday bloghop!

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