Monday, December 5, 2011

Green Motivation Monday - Swap Your Clothes

This post is part of the Green Motivation Monday series.  The purpose of these weekly posts is to offer motivation to take a small baby step in the green and eco-friendly direction.  Of course, I will be taking the step right along with you.  I will let you know how I did and I hope you let me know what you were able to accomplish.

Motivation: Update your wardrobe the eco-friendly way by swapping clothes with your friends and relatives. Make it a fun girls-night event!

My Progress: I mentioned the clothes swap to 2 of my girl friends. They are both excited to get rid of some clothes and find some new pieces! Over the next week, I will clean out my closets to find items that are too big, too small, or that I have not worn in over one year. Then, I will schedule a girls night to do the swap.

If you have any clothing, shoes, outerwear, or accessories that are too big, too small, or no longer the apple-of-your-eye, consider doing a swap with your friends or relatives. Pick pieces that are gently used and freshly laundered. Of course, you can always donate them, but the exciting part of doing a clothes swap is that you give and others give back to you. In the end, you have "new" clothes that you can wear. Choose friends and relatives who are within a few sizes of your size so that everyone can walk away with a "new" item.

I am doing my first clothes swap with a friend in the next few weeks. I am very excited to go through my closets and find items that I know she can wear. I have a lot of nice pieces, but sometimes, I just wear the same 5-10 pieces and forget about the rest. If she enjoys wearing them, then my mission has been accomplished.

P.S. Clothes swaps are also great for children's clothing!


Lisa B. said...

I recently gave my closet a major make-under... and got rid of A LOT of clothes... and I don't miss a thing. Oh, and I still have too much to wear! You'd be surprised at how few clothes you really need/wear.

Unknown said...

If I haven't worn it in one year, I won't wear it again!

My goal is to 1) take less than I give away at the clothes swap, 2) sell at my mom's garage sale, and for anything that's left, 3) donate to Good Will and that other company that provides professional clothing.

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