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No More Moody Skin with Moody Sisters Organic Skincare [Review]

I discovered Moody Sisters Organic Skincare products during a giveaway on another blog. After reading through a few posts, I realized that the Moody Sisters and I were going to be good friends. These two sisters make all of the body products in their kitchen! All of Moody Sisters products are preservative-free, paraben-free, and 100% organic! Your skin will be moody no more! This post will focus on two Moody Sisters Organic Skincare products: Lavender Powder Deodorant and Hydrating Cleanser.

Moody Sisters Organic Skincare

Lavender Powder Deodorant      
Hydrating Cleanser (Skincare Bundle)                    $25.00 (Bundle)
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

Lavender Powder Deodorant

Almond Powder Deodorant-- Powder puff included for easy application-- 4 oz. Organic and Vegan-- Paraben & Aluminum Free
Almond Powder Deodorant-- Powder puff included for easy application-- 4 oz. Organic and Vegan-- Paraben & Aluminum FreeMy Uses: I put Moody Sisters' Lavender Powder Deodorant through the ringer over the past 2 weeks. I used the powder deodorant when working from home (light activity), when shopping (moderate activity), and when running and spinning at the gym (intense activity).

Review: I love the little tin that contains the Powder Deodorant. I can throw it in my purse or workout bag. I found the tin easy to open, but I also took my time so I did not dump the powder everywhere. This is precious stuff!

The ingredients in Moody Sisters Powder Deodorant help to keep you dry and prevent the smelly bacteria from forming. I found that the powder deodorant did help prevent odor, but did not do as good of a job at preventing the wetness. This is common among natural deodorants since they are not antiperspirants.

The trick to natural deodorant is to apply before you begin sweating. I applied the powder deodorant right before and right after spinning class. My unwilling husband did the sniff test when we got home and said that I had very mild odor. Pretty good after a grueling and a sweaty spinning session. When I feel myself sweating, I dry off with a tissue and apply a little more powder deodorant. This strategy has worked well for me to keep the odor at bay.

The Good
The Not So Good
Works to prevent odor
Scent is a little weak
Easy to apply
Powder gets on your hands and potentially clothes when applying (take your time)
Portable, easy to transport

Three scent options

Hydrating Cleanser

My Uses: I have been using the cleanser every other day after a heavy cardio workout. I apply a light layer on my face before I get into the shower, lather up with water, and wash it off.

Review: The Hydrating Cleanser is part of the Skin Care Bundle. I like this lightweight cleanser because it cleans well and smells amazing. The skin on my cheeks is usually irritated by most products, but I found only calm and smooth skin. After washing it off, I can tell that the oil stays on my skin. However, once I get out of the shower and towel off, the skin on my face feels dry. I started putting on moisturizer right after I get out of the shower to avoid dry skin. 

I would prefer a container that I can travel with because I do like the simplicity, easy, and effectiveness of this moisturizer and I would want to take it with me.

The Good
The Not So Good
Smells amazing
Not portable, difficult container to travel with
Cleans well
Left my skin a little dry

Overall Review: I love supporting an Etsy retailer, especially when they make amazing organic and natural products! I even ordered the Organic Whipped Mint Lotion for 3 ladies in my extended family because I am impressed with Moody Sisters Organic Skincare. For best results keep all products out of sunlight or heat. Products are made to last 8-12 weeks if used daily. It can be preserved for 3-6 months in the fridge if not used regularly.


P.S. Please bear with me as I am playing around with different review styles.  I am getting close to a template that I like. I would appreciate any feedback.

Disclosure: I received the products from Moody Sisters in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my personal experiences. This review is objective and completely honest.

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Lisa B. said...

I've been using natural deodorant for a while now... and I LOVE it! No more sticky cakey mess under my armpits! I'm always looking for new ones to try.

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