Friday, January 31, 2014

Early Potty Training Through EC [10 Months]

Elimination Communication is something that I read about and researched before I even got pregnant. The concept sounded riveting. By practicing Elimination Communication (EC), I would be on my way to early potty training and no more diapers! However, the price to pay for this would be time. A lot of time and dedication. This point of my early potty training through EC posts is not to tell you about the philosophy and recommended practices of EC, but to share my experience with you. Here is my story so far.

After a few weeks postpartum, I decided to see if I could determine the cues my baby was making when he needed to go potty. The cue for pooping was fairly obvious - straining, red face, grunting. The cue for peeing was non-existent. I held the baby over the toilet a few times, including one pee in the toilet. I got lucky!

After one or two days, I became tired of holding the baby by his legs over the toilet. Doing this many times throughout the day gets tiresome. Plus, I would get so excited about the possibility of having a catch, that running to the bathroom would distract the baby from peeing. Then again, who wants to hold a baby suspended over a toilet for 15 minutes. I had better things to do. So, I quit for several months. I figured I would start again at some point.

Reading Mayim Bialik's Beyond the Sling book peaked my interest in early potty training through EC. After 10 months of getting to know my baby, I feel like I am more in tune with his cues and he has a fairly consistent poop schedule (in the morning, after the first feeding). I researched the best potty seats and picked one out to order. In the meantime, I decided to pay attention to my baby and determine his peeing and pooping patterns and cues.

My realizations so far:
  1. The baby pees at the end or right after a feeding. Not sure how you're supposed to potty during a feeding. Will research that.
  2. Running to the bathroom with the baby, stripping him down as fast as I can and holding over toilet distracts him from peeing/pooping. Maybe I should try once the weather is warmer and he can go onesie-free? Having a potty seat near might help matters (and my tired arms).
  3. The baby wants to play with the toilet seat. A baby moving and rocking back and forth provides extra challenge in holding the baby over the toilet. Need the potty seat!
  4. The baby pees about every 15 minutes. Am I ready to make that kind of time commitment? Most of the time, I don't have time to go to the bathroom myself, let alone take the baby to the potty every 15 minutes. 
  5. I need to continue to watch for peeing cues. 
  6. I need to step up my game with sign language.
I am still trying to decide on whether to call it potty training or not. I'm not big on "training" babies. Maybe I can call it potty learning? :)

>> Have you ever tried early potty training and/or Elimination Communication?? What are you thoughts about it?? Would you ever try it??

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