Wednesday, June 17, 2015

FREE Blogger Opp: BoomBoomPrints $50 GC

BoomBoomPrints $50 GC Giveaway! 
Open to US residents, 18 years plus.
Giveaway will begin on July 10th at 12am CST and will end on July 24th at 11:59pm CST. 
Sign Ups Close July 8th at approximately 10pm CST.

Bloggers received one free link for posting the giveaway on time and promoting it at least 3 times per week via Facebook, Twitter and other social media of choice. 
Receive a second free link for posting the Announcement post to help draw in more bloggers to sign-up.
Don't want to post the Announcement Post? Send $3 to via Paypal as a gift. 
Don't want to post or share the giveaway? Send $15 via Paypal to and we'll include ONE link of your choice. This link must be for a blog, NOT a business (including any direct sales). 

ALL links MUST pertain to a blog. NO business, direct sales, etc. links will be allowed.

Additional links are available for a small fee per link, please see sign up form for details.

Co-Host this event for $7 for 4 additional links (of your choice, no Google) as well as a secret color/print/etc. page. The blogger who refers the most bloggers will receive a free co-host spot! If you purchase a co-host spot and have the most referrals you're fee will be refunded. Sorry no other refunds for any reason. 

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