Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Reusable Chalkboard Labels [Review]

There is something about having an organized pantry with lots of similar jars to store all of the pantry items. Unfortunately, my pantry is overflowing with bags and containers of different sizes. To reduce trash and recycling, I usually purchase items from the bulk bins. My local Whole Foods recently switched to recycled brown paper bags instead of the plastic bags. When I bring the bulk items home, I need to put them in something for storage. I prefer clear glass jars and will often reuse jars from foods and drinks that were consumed. Labeling the jars helps my husband to distinguish between couscous and quinoa, for example. Firefly Crafts' reusable chalkboard labels can be reused in two ways - peel and stick to another surface or remove the chalk with a wet towel and write a new name on them.

Firefly Craft Chalkboard Labels            
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Premium vinyl stickers
Regular chalk and chalk markers are a bit too "thick" to write on these labels.
Reusable in two ways

Elegant design

Firefly Craft Chalkboard Labels are made from thick vinyl, which allows them to be peeled and placed somewhere else. This is a great feature for reusing the chalkboard labels. The labels can be used on pretty much any hard, smooth surface. Though I'm sure they are easier to remove from some surfaces than others. Regular chalk and chalkboard markers and pens can be used to write on the stickers. The chalk can be wiped off with a wet towel.

Let's start off with THE BEFORE - thin strips of paper taped on, edges curled up, not reusable, not pretty.

 And this is THE AFTER - the label was easy to place on the glass jar. My chalk markers weren't ready for use and I didn't feel like shaking them and getting the paint to come out, so I used regular chalk. It was a bit hard to write with the thin chalk, so I will invest in a chalkboard pen. Even the chalk markers would have been too thick to write on the labels.

The chalkboard label is pretty thin, which is necessary to adhere to different curved surfaces. The thinness did not take away from the durability of the vinyl. The label was easy to peel off the glass jar and stick back on. I like the variety of sizes and shapes to fit different containers. I plan on using the round labels to stick on top of my spice jars so I can quickly find spices in the pull-out spice drawer.

My recommendation is to identify which containers you would like to use the labels for and order the appropriate size. If you will be using bigger jars, the bigger labels will work. If you are labeling the tops of spice jars, then you would want to choose the small round labels.

Firefly Craft reusable chalkboard labels can be used for just about anything, from labeling food storage containers, to dinner party seat assignments, to wedding favors. The high quality and reusability makes these vinyl chalkboard labels a great investment.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review.  I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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