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Organic Solar Infused Oils [Review]

I love using natural oils for moisture, after sun burn relief, and proactive anti-aging remedies. I also love using oils infused with herbs to help protect and heal the skin. Over the winter, my son had red and scaly skin (probably eczema) from the harsh cold weather. Plus, my hands were so dry and red from constantly washing dishes with hot water. During our beach vacation, we needed an after sun burn relief lotion to soothe our red skin. Organic Solar Infused Oils are a great natural moisturizer and skin healer.

HippieCrap Infused Oils        
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The Good
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100% organic herbs
Shorter shelf life
No additives or synthetic preservatives

Comes in a dark amber bottle

Hippie Crap offers a wide selection of solar infused oils. These oils are not essential oils, but are oils infused with herbs. Some oils are infused with a single herb like Calendula. While other oils are infused with a mix of herbs. Each oil and herb combination is focused on providing specific remedies and benefits. For example, Calendula Oil soothes skin. Oregano Oil helps with skin infections because of its anti-bacterial properties.

Let's talk about solar infused oils. Each batch starts with organically grown herbs purchased from a grower. The herbs are placed in organic sunflower oils for 6 weeks of solar infusion. Solar infusion utilizes the sun to naturally infuse oils with the goodness of herbs. There are different methods to infuse oils with herbs. The traditional method involves placing the oils and herbs in the sun for a period of time. After the initial 6 week solar infusion, the herbs are strained out of the oil and new herbs are added for a second infusion. I really like the double infusion method to create a strong infused oil. The second fresh batch is infused for another 6 weeks in the sun and the herbs are strained again. A small amount of Vitamin E oil is added to preserve the infused oil. Each batch is stored in a cool, dark place to preserve the infused oils. When an individual bottle is ordered, it is poured fresh from the big batch.

I love that all ingredients are organic and Shelley uses traditional, natural methods to infuse the oils. the smell of the infused oils was strong, but not overwhelming.

The infused oils come in dark amber bottles. Oils should always be stored in dark colored containers to preserve the qualities of the oil and extend the shelf life. Oils that are not stored in dark bottles will oxidize, lose potency and become ineffective. Most oils are available in 2 oz and 4 oz sizes. I found that the 2 oz size lasted us for a long time.

Results: I have been using the infused oils for dry skin, any rashes like diaper rash and cold weather eczema, and after-sun burn care. The sunflower oil is a great carrier oil because it is light and absorbs fairly quickly. To get the oil out, I put my finger on the opening, tip the bottle up and bring it back down, which allows me to get just enough oil on my finger and apply where needed.

Here are the infused oils that I received and how we have been using them:

Calendula Oil - dry, itchy skin; diaper rashes; cold weather eczema, sun burn relief
Chamomile Oil - calming massage
Oregano Oil - homemade anti-bacterial spray (also moisturizes), chest run
Bourbon Vanilla Extract - baking!

Hippicrap uses traditional and natural methods for infusing oils. I love that the ingredients are as organic as can be and the oils are safe to use on babies and children.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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