Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Easy to Carry Sleeping Bag [review]

Sleeping bags can be used for many different purposes, including camping, backpacking, scouts, and survival. Choosing a quality sleeping bag is a must! While it is good to have one heavy duty sleeping bag that will keep you warm in very cold temperatures, for most camping situations, a lightweight sleeping bag is sufficient. EGOZ easy to carry sleeping bag is lightweight and easy to carry.

EGOZ Easy to Carry Sleeping Bag      

Rating: total green check marks out of 5.
Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest. 

The Good
The Not So Good
Lightweight and compact
Challenging to get back in bag

Lightweight mummy sleeping bags are popular choices for sleeping bags because they roll up easily, store compactly in a bag, and can be carried along with other necessities when camping or hiking. In an emergency situation, they are lightweight and compact to be carried along with everything else. The EGOZ sleeping bag is compact enough to be kept in my trunk (that is already full with emergency supplies and a stroller).

Though the sleeping bag is only rated for +30F to +40F, that is what makes it lightweight and easy to carry.

One of the downsides, and what I usually have issues with is getting the sleeping bag back in the bag. I folded the sleeping bag in half and rolled it up. It took some maneuvering and the use of my legs to keep it rolled up while I got the bag back on. Not the easiest!

The zipper was easy to pull up and down. When I was in the sleeping bag, I could unzip by just pulling the top part of the sleeping bag off myself. Securing the Velco piece at the top of the zipper prevents the zipper from moving down.

The EGOZ sleeping bag is 180cm long plus 30cm on top and 75cm wide. I'm 5'4 with a slim athletic build. There was plenty of room in the sleeping bag in both length and width. The top is wide enough for a standard size pillow. Though it does not look like it in the photo, the top of the sleeping bag is wider than the bottom (mummy style).

I like the compactness and the size of this easy to carry sleeping bag. The EGOZ mummy sleeping bag is affordable. The size will fit most people and will keep you warm in Spring, Summer, or Fall weather temperatures. 

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