Monday, October 17, 2011

Green Motivation Monday - Buy Preservative-Free Food

This post is part of the Green Motivation Monday series.  The purpose of these weekly posts is to offer motivation to take a small baby step in the green and eco-friendly direction.  Of course, I will be taking the step right along with you.  I will let you know how I did and I hope you let me know what you were able to accomplish.

Motivation: Reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you put in your body by buying preservative-free food.

Challenge: During your next grocery trip, read the ingredients list on the foods that you are buying. Count how many products have preservatives in them. You might need to research some of the ingredients online to identify if they are a preservative or an additive. By being aware of what you're eating, you are making a healthy decision for your whole family.

Preservatives are added to foods to make them shelf-stable and make them last longer. Once you start reading labels on the foods that you buy, you will be shocked at how many of them contain some type of preservative.  Even uncured, fresh bacon in a Fresh Market meat counter has Sodium Nitrite in it.  All packaged food will have an ingredients label.  The font might be size 6, but it will be there.

There are many life-threatening effects that preservatives can have on the body. Pregnant women are told to avoid deli meats and cured meats that contain Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate and any food that has preservatives in it.  There is a reason!  If you're trying to get pregnant, wouldn't you want to avoid preservatives also?  Take the first step by being aware of what toxic chemicals your family and your children are putting in your bodies.


Unknown said...

Excellent challenge. I truly believe that all those chemicals in food are harmful to our bodies. My rule of thumb is not to eat anything which contains ingredients that I can't pronounce and/or can't find standing on the shelf ... for example, one won't find high fructose corn syrup on a grocery store shelf.

BTW ... you'll be included in the Honor Society on Wednesday's post on my blog. Hope you can stop by!

Angela Toucan said...

we always read the labels before we buy. Living in the UK we have better labelling than in the USA which helps a lot too.
My rule is, if it sounds like it should be in a chemistry lab, it should stay there.

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