Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Eat an African Horned Melon (Kiwano)

Have you ever seen a Kiwano?

A Kiwano is also known as an African Horned Melon, which is part of the cucumber family.

Basic nutrition stats:

  • 25 calories per melon
  • 0g fat, sodium, and cholesterol
  • 40% of your daily vitamin C RDI
I inherited three of these melons from my mom. I say that I inherited them because they were in my fridge for almost two weeks before I gathered enough courage to eat them. First, I realized I needed to find out how to eat the melon. Do you see those little bumps on the melon? They are a little sharp! Here are some easy instructions:
  1. Cut the melon in half (along the equator).

    Horned Melon
  2. Take the half that you cut and gentle squeeze to release the flesh and seeds.  (do not cut into quarters like the picture show, just in half)

  3. Lick or suck up the flesh and seeds into your mouth. Do not attempt this in front of your extended family or someone you would like to date. The juices got all over my face!  I recommend using a spoon to scoop the flesh out.

  4. You have two options:
    • Eat the flesh and the seeds
    • Hold the seed between your teeth and suck the flesh off it.  Spit the seed out.  I tried this method a few times; it was too much work. 
Overall Impression: This is definitely the most interesting piece of fruit I have ever eaten. The taste was very mild, not too sweet and not too tart. I read that a Kiwano is usually compared to a mix of cucumber, lemon, banana, and lime. Very interesting and very good combination! Although a little time consuming to eat, the fact that a Kiwano is only 25 calories and provides a very unique combination of flavors is a plus in my book!

>> Have you ever heard of or tried a Kiwano?  What did you think?

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