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Mighty Flavors with Mighty Leaf Teas [Review]

Mighty Leaf Teas have been part of my home tea collection for quite some time.  I am always impressed with the whole leaf pouches that produce the most delicious tasting teas. When I started buying more organic products, I was glad to find that Mighty Leaf Teas carries organic teas. Mighty Leaf Teas also expanded their tea collection by offering Iced Tea pouches.

What are Mighty Leaf Teas? (from Mighty Leaf website)

Mighty Leaf Teas are specially handcrafted Tea Pouches that are designed to release the essence of the tea.  Mighty Leaf Tea has a passion for creating unique handcrafted tea blends from around the world, using the best ingredients available. 

Each Tea Pouch has a unique blend of teas and flavors.  Take a look at the quality of the whole leaf teas:

What Mighty Leaf Teas Did I Receive?

Mighty Leaf Teas was gracious enough to send me a variety pack of their Iced Teas and a few samples of their hot teas.

Half Gallon Iced Teas sell for $6.35-$33.95, depending on what size you purchase.


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What Did I Think of Mighty Leaf Teas?

My standard iced tea routine is to measure the amount of water in the pitcher and count out tea bags. The tea bags float in the water and I have to take them out one by one. This process gets a little time consuming, especially if I do not have enough tea bags left. 

Might Leaf Iced Teas pouches change the game! Each whole leaf pouch brews up to 1/2 Gallon or 64 oz of Iced Teas. I love that I did not have to measure the cups or the tea bags. I placed the bag into the pitcher and poured hot water over it. How easy is that?!?

Let me tell you about the tea bag. The whole leaf tea bag is bigger to accommodate 64 oz. The string is longer so that you can place the tea bag in the pitcher and not drown the tag once you start pouring the water. The tag at the end of the string has instructions so that you can quickly gage how long you need to brew the tea. Easy, breezy!

The first iced tea I brewed was the Ginger Peach Iced Tea. This flavor is the current best seller. This tea is delicious both hot and cold. The Ginger and Peach flavor combination was perfect.   

My husband brewed the Chamomile Citrus herbal tea, another best seller. Although my husband is not usually a fan of herbal teas, he really enjoyed the Chamomile Citrus flavor. 

Did you know that Mighty Leaf also offers teaware? I would love to try the Chantal Tea Kettle, as my current tea kettle is ancient.  


You can still enjoy iced tea during the cold months. Mighty Leaf Iced Teas quench your thirst after raking leaves in the yard or playing in the snow with your kids. Choose Mighty Leaf Teas and you taste buds will thank you.

My Thoughts: I would highly recommend Mighty Leaf Teas to anyone. The variety of flavor combination will satisfy any tea lover’s taste buds. The best aspect of Mighty Leaf Tea is that I can reuse the bag several times because of the amount of high quality, whole leaves.  I also love that the tag on each tea pouch tells you the brew time.   

Opportunities for Improvement
 – Mighty Leaf has a lot of opportunities to continue expanding their organic teas to meet market demand. I look forward to seeing what new organic flavor combinations Mighty Leaf can create. 

What is the Man’s Opinion?  My husband, who usually turns his nose to “girly” tea flavors, enjoyed both the Ginger Peach and the Chamomile Citrus. I think I could convince him to buy more Mighty Leaf Teas! J

Total green check marks out of 5.

Mighty Leaf Iced Teas 

Mighty Leaf Tea Pouches 

Disclosure: I received the samples from Mighty Leaf Teas in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. This product review is based on my personal experiences. This review is objective and completely honest.

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