Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cafe Well Social Network - Get Well and Stay Well

This post brought to you by Cafe Well. All opinions are 100% mine.

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What is Café Well?

I just joined Café Well, the Social Network to Get Well and Stay Well. This social network is very unique because it offers a corporate wellness program to keep employees healthy and well. The community is safe, secure, and anonymous. You can register on Café Well even if you are not associated with any corporate wellness program.

Café Well covers a variety of health topics, from healthy living to heart disease to cancer. Think of Café Well as your online support group. Not only do you have access to communities for specific health topics, but you can connect with Coaches and Experts who can help you with your toughest question.

What Can You Do at Café Well?

  1. Explore and join discussion groups to share your experiences and get support
  2. Connect with other Café Well members with similar health interests by giving advice and sharing your experiences
  3. Join fun challenges to improve and maintain your health

The best feature of Café Well is a corporate wellness program called Cafe Well Race to the Moon. This program motivates people to become more active (walking or running) by offering a free wireless pedometer to track their steps. A participant gets rewarded for their total steps and milestones. By leveraging positive peer pressure from the support and power of a social network, you can achieve amazing success. Incentives help too!

Race to the Moon is sponsored by HealthAmerica. If you are a member of HealthAmerica, you may be eligible to join the Race. Register to find out if you are eligible for this free program!

What Would My Challenge Be?

I am always trying to motivate my friends and coworkers to be more active. If I were to create a challenge for my coworkers, it would be two-fold: a 5K Run with our office team and a healthy food challenge, focused mostly on a plant-based diet. Café Well would be a perfect home for our office challenge so we can stay connected, update each other on our progress, and provide motivation.

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barefoot mama said...

This is a fabulous idea!! We all need to get healthier and it really helps to have support! ~ B

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