Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Bulk Bin Tags

(Disclaimer: this is a somewhat-Wordless Wednesday post)

Buying from the Whole Foods bulk bins has resulted in a large collection of the tags that you write the bin code on. I do not know an alternative to using these (aside from writing on the bag with a permanent marker or making the employee search for each code) or what to do with these in the mean time (other than storing them in a container). HELP!


Steve said...

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Good Girl Gone Green said...

I have a solution for you: I bought organic cloth bags to reuse, but if this is not an option reuse the plastic ones you take!

I write all the food I buy in bulk with the bin number beside it in my iPhone so I always have it. Before I had my iPhone I kept a piece of paper in my purse with all the bin numbers and the name of the foods. So if I already bought it was already written down somewhere!

I then tell the cashier the numbers. I get funny looks sometimes, but other times they say you are doing good. Frankly, I don't care what they think. SO it takes them a few extra minutes for my order....:)

EcoGrrl said...

Dont use a bag in the first place, bring the jar/container & weigh it ('tare weight ') and write that & the code on the bottom of it so its ready to go! :)

Unknown said...

Great ideas! I am going to try the list of codes. I have a few bags already, but I also like the idea of pre-weighing the containers.

Unknown said...

I was going to make the 2 suggestions that others already did! haha!

I normally use re-usable produce bags because I always have them with my other bags and don't have to remember to bring them. Some are small enough weave/holes that the bulk items are fine (mostly nuts for our house). I don't have a smart phone, ugh, but since my grocery list is on paper I just write down the bin #.s

I've also bought containers when I've thought about it and went for flour or sugar. I bought some re-usable labels from amazon. You put them on the container but can then write on them with a sharpie and erase and re-write, etc. Perfect for stuff like this!

Unknown said...

Kris - thank you for the ideas, even if some of them have already been mentioned. Sometimes, we need a few people to tell us the same thing over and over again until we begin to do it :)

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