Sunday, February 12, 2012

Unplug Your Exercise Routine [#CTWW]

I am honored to be featured as the source of this week's challenge:

This week unplug your exercise routine by using no power. No treadmills, ellipticals, gyms, TV, music, or anything powered to assist in exercise. Make your workout eco-friendly ... and, as always, let us know all about it.

Of course, this challenge would come up right when the last 2 months have been focused on creating a gym routine...and loving it! Although I do love to run outside and exercise at home, I love being able to go to a class or jump on the elliptical. Nonetheless, a challenge is a challenge! Yesterday at the gym, I thought about the ways I try to use less power when I am working out at the gym:

  1. Attending spinning class - the only power used is to run the fans, the lights are mostly turned off
  2. Choosing the elliptical machine over the treadmill - elliptical machines need human power to get going, but they are still plugged in
  3. Using free weights and weight machines
Going to the gym has an environmental impact because I have to drive there and back, the power used to keep the gym running, the chemicals (ammonia) used to clean the equipment, etc. I am going to make a few sacrifices! My goal is to work out 1-2 days at home. Here is my plan:
  1. Running outside - when the weather is above 35 degrees
  2. Weight lifting at home - we have a weight bench, 100 pounds of weight, hand weights, etc. (today's exercise plan, working out during day time with no light and no music)
  3. Bodyweight exercises - using your own body weight to work out (pretty intense if you have never tried it)
  4. No Jillian Michael's DVDs
  5. No Exercise TV on Demand
I used to run outside and work out at home all the time, but I have been spoiled by the gym. I have worked out with no power before and I can do it again. Exercise can be bad for the environment, but you can make small adjustments to reduce the environmental impact. Plus, there are many other types of activities like running after your kids, cleaning, and gardening that can burn lots of calories.

>> How can you unplug your exercise routine? 


Michelle said...

I've never like going to the gym. I do like popping in a DVD though, but I know I can workout without it. I love taking brisk walks on warm sunny days, and practicing yoga whenever and wherever the urge hits me. Good luck with your challenge.

Peace. ;)

Aleksandra Nearing said...

I try to do some free weights every night. Since I sit at a computer, I do leg lifts or butt crunches periodically :)

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