Sunday, June 3, 2012

Affecting Change in My Community [#CTWW]

This week's challenge comes from Reduced Footprints.

This week, watch the following video. Then share it in some way ... email it to a friend, share it on a social network, post it to your blog, etc. AND THEN ... consider how you might affect change in your community. Of course ... we want to hear all about it!

This video reminded me of our recent focus on buying local produce and meat. The CSA that we joined is a great way to support an organic and heirloom farm located right in our city! I also realized that I do not have to go to farmers markets to buy local, I can find local produce and meat at Whole Foods. I feel empowered to affect positive change in my community.

>> How are you supporting your local community?


Good Girl Gone Green said...

I buy as local as possible and avoid plastic packaging! :)

Unknown said...

I love the CSA program ... and what a perfect example of community. I especially like that clients accept part of the risk which the farmers experience. In that way, we become closer to our food and the conditions required to produce it.

Pat @ Green Living Thrifty Frog said...

I buy locally about 90% of the time. I am a new follower from Monday Meet & Greet.
Huge green hugs,

Lisa B. said...

Great video! I'm looking forward to buying local & hopefully organic as soon as our farmers market opens... which should be any day now. :)

Unknown said...

@Ladies - I am so glad to hear that you also buy local. I am trying to expand local buying beyond food.

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