Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning

 photo All Natural Katie

Most of my life, up until the last few years, I have lived in houses/apartments that were carpeted. Although vacuuming is a great way to keep your carpets clean, it alone does not remove all of the dust, dirt, allergens, etc. that collect in the fabric. I never pulled the trigger on getting professional carpet cleaning service, and hesitated even more once I started down my green and all natural path. I did not want all of those toxic carpet cleaning chemicals on something that I was on barefoot. Throw a baby crawling and licking the carpet into the mix and it becomes even worse! If you do choose to have your carpets cleaned, choose a company that believes in the benefits of green cleaning and uses naturally derived cleansers.

Green Choice Carpet

Green Choice Carpet Cleaning is a company that believes in the sustainability of green cleaners. They want to keep your family safe from harmful substances found in your common carpet cleaning products. Customers tout the high-quality organic cleaning service offered at low prices. Green Choice Carpet Cleaning has a variety of locations throughout the United States and offers same day service and free estimates. The company wholeheartedly believes in using cleaning products that are safe for families, kids, and pets.

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