Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Income With Udemy [Review]

As a stay at home mom, opportunities to turn my knowledge into income always interest me. Coming from a professional career, I have a lot transferable skills that can be used for many different purposes. I want to keep my skills and experiences current. And, I want to use my skills and experiences to benefit others. Udemy is a huge online learning marketplace that allows anyone to turn their existing knowledge, skills and experiences into earning income from home.

Easy Udemy Course Creation     
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Huge database of courses

Large student base

Courses in 80+ languages

Easy accessibility (computer, tablet, smart phone)

I am finishing up a course on how to turn my knowledge, skills and experiences into online courses that can earn me passive income. Passive income means that I do not do any direct sales. I create my course, publish it with the course cost, and wait until student sign up and pay for my course. Udemy already offers more than 25,000 courses and has a student base of over 6 million people globally. The courses contain audio, video, supplement documents, etc. Both the video and the audio are of high quality.

There are two ways to use Udemy:
  1. Consumer of the courses
  2. Creator of the courses
Udemy's advantage is that they offer mass open enrollment, which means that anyone can take any course. The courses are accessible online through a computer, tablet, smart phone, etc. I love that courses can be taken whenever is convenient for you and use whatever device you have available. This is beneficial whether you are a consumer or creation of the courses. As a consumer, I want to have easy accessible to courses. Whether I am listening to a course in the car or watching the video during a workout at the gym, accessibility is everything.

Courses are available on a variety of different topics. Searching for and browsing courses is very easy. The graphics also help to see what type of content is offered in the course. The costs of the course range from very affordable to more expensive for the longer courses.

The course that I am taking, Udemy: Fast & Easy Udemy Course Creation, details how a person can start creation their own courses to publish on Udemy. Dave Espino covers all of the basics of Udemy Course Creation, and the initial investment ($50-$125). On average, I estimate that if you create a course anywhere from $25-$50 per course and a handful of students take your course, you can easily gain return on investment within 6-12 months depending on the topic and the quality of your course. And from then on, you will be earning money from home!

This course is about 4 hours, but I am able to take it in segments. Courses are broken down into smaller sections so I view a section at a time as I have time to do. I have been going through the videos on my son's nap time.

If you are looking to turn your knowledge into income, I would recommend investing money in this course. I found the course to be detailed enough where I would feel comfortable creation my own content and publishing the course on Udemy. The course includes an exercise that I can do on my own to determine what type of courses and content I can publish. After going through the course and the exercise, I feel confident that I can start creating my own courses to earn money from home.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are honest.


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