Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Caffeine-Free Energy Boost with Teeccino [Review]

What can I say about caffeine? I'm addicted to it. I love coffee. About 6 months ago, I switched to green tea as my main source of caffeine. I still have a little coffee here or there, but I find that the caffeine content is too high for me (imagine a wired feeling with someone holding your eyes open). On some days, I need more caffeine than green tea can offer. I had heard of herbal coffees before, but was very skeptical that they could do the trick. When I received my variety pack of Teeccino herbal coffees, I immediately picked a bag to brew. Teeccino caffeine-free herbal coffee is a delicious blend of herbs, grains, fruits, and nuts roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee.

Teeccino Herbal Coffee    
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good


Energy boost from nutrients

Nutritious (quick absorption of nutrients)

I received a number of Teeccino products: ground herbal coffee, single-serve tea bags, and cereal.

I stated off with the herbal coffee bag (Hazelnut flavor). I liked the ease of making this herbal coffee just like I make tea. Pour the hot water over the bag, steep and enjoy. I was pleasantly surprised by the delicious aroma. I do not tend to prefer flavored coffees, so I thought of the Hazelnut Teeccino as an herbal coffee drink. Teeccino tasted just like coffee. I even got a nice "caffeine" boost. My favorite aspect is that Teeccino is nutritious and the energy comes from the ingredients and nutrients as opposed to caffeine in regular coffee.

Teeccino also comes in 11oz bags, which contain ground ingredients that you can brew in your coffee maker or French press. The varieties are mostly of the flavored kind, which might be a big change for someone who  could be used to drinking black Starbucks Pike coffee. Teeccino does offer a few standard flavors like French roast, Original, and Java.

Not only does Teeccino offer herbal coffees and teas, but they also offer nutrient-dense cereals. Teeccino cereals are gluten-free and contain super seeds to keep you energized and full all morning long. I have not yet tried the cereals, but I am confident that I will love them. Chia, flax, quinoa, amaranth, ramon and pumpkin seeds with gluten-free rolled oats, blueberries, and dried fruit sounds like something I would try to mix at home for a healthy breakfast.

I feel like a new world has been opened to me with herbal coffee. I love the different flavors and varieties of Teeccino herbal coffee. I can see myself drinking the herbal coffee in the morning or enjoying it with some whole milk in the afternoon. If you are looking for a coffee alternative that does not give you jitters or stomach aches, I recommend trying Teeccino.

Disclosure: I received the sample from Naturally Savvy in order to facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. I am under no pressure to return the product to the company or to write this review. This product review is based on my personal experiences. This review is objective and completely honest. 

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