Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green Baby Holiday Gift Guide 2013

We are just about 8 weeks away from the holidays! I feel like this year has flown by, but that is expected with the arrival of a baby that completed our family earlier this year. I have loved putting to use some of the green and natural products that I have researched and received as gifts during the baby showers and post birth. The following are products that I personally use or would recommend to anyone who is expecting or knows someone that is expecting.


This was my first purchase when I was pregnant. After much research on the best baby carriers, an organic ERGObaby was the right choice for our family. The ERGObaby carrier never leaves my side. I take it everywhere! Sometimes, wearing the baby is the only thing that will calm him down. Other times, it is easier to wear a baby in a grocery store or at a festival than pushing around a stroller through crods. The ERGObaby is quick to put on and distributes the weight of the baby evenly over my hips. Every mom should have an ERGObaby carrier for hands-free childcare.

Ergobaby Special 15% Off Discount through Wednesday, December 25 . The 15% discount will be applied at checkout.
Tropical Traditions

Tropical Traditions is not only about organic, high quality coconut oil. My favorite products, besides the organic Gold Label Coconut Oil, are the non-toxic All Purpose Household Cleaner and Powdered Laundry Detergent. The All Purpose Household Cleaner is tough on grease and stains. Use this cleaner on any hand-me-down toys, equipment, or furniture. Also works well to clean up any baby messes. We wash all of our laundry with the Powdered Laundry Detergent (baby safe, cloth diaper safe). A container of this detergent is perfect for washing all of those brand new baby clothes, blankets, and bedding prior to use. Look to Household Traditions by Tropic Traditions for non-toxic household cleaners safe for the family and for babies.


Babies' skin is extremely sensitive to anything that it comes in contact with. When choosing body products for my baby, I choose eco-friendly baby products with organic and all natural ingredients. Episencial is the #1 organic brand in hospital birthing centers and offers a gentle way to clean, moisturize, and protect baby's sensitive skin. My husband loves the Episencial Sunny Sunscreen, which goes on clear without the nano-chemicals. Playful Wash is our favorite product for bathtub. Perfect for babies with sensitive skin! Available at Pure and Simple Baby.

Soap Nuts

Another detergent that I sometimes use for cloth diaper laundry and baby laundry is organic Soap Nuts. I have used Soap Nuts eco-friendly laundry detergent a few times for non-toxic cloth diaper laundry and everything came out smelling clean. Soap Nuts is the ultimate green laundry product because it leaves no residue and is compostable after all of the saponins are released. Check out my review of Soap Nuts for more information.

Smitten by Rearz

Yes, cloth diapers are a perfect holiday gift! What better was to pay it forward in terms of saving money, precious baby skin, and the environment. Cloth diapers might be an investment up front, but pay dividends going forward. Although I prefer All In One (AIO) diapers, I like the economics of fitted diapers and covers. Rearz Smitten diapers hold a lot of liquid and wick moisture away from baby's skin. They are made from unbleached cotton and colored with 100% organic dyes. If someone is expecting or just gave birth, this might be a perfect little gift. Read my review of the Smitten Fitted Cloth Diaper.

Halo Sleep Sack

I registered for a newborn Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle which has the velcro across the chest. Our baby preferred to have his hands out, which worked well with this sleep sack. I have since purchased two more Halo Sleep Sacks to last past 1 year. These are available in organic cotton. Sleep sacks keep your baby warm and allow for breathability because they are made from 100% cotton. Halo Sleep Sacks are a great way to layer and keep the baby comfortable at night without using blankets that can pose hazards to the baby. We are currently using the organic Cotton Wearable Blanket.


If you have any questions about these products or our experiences with them, please contact me. I am always willing to share eco-friendly and green products for your baby and your family. Happy holiday shopping!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links to where I usually shop. Your purchases support this blog at no additional cost to you. This post may also contain links to reviews where I received a complimentary media sample to facilitate the review. Regardless, I feature and recommend only brands and products that I myself would use.

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