Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Free Blogger Opp: Eco Down-Alternative Pillows [Giveaway]

Below is an opportunity to participate (FREE with announcement post) in a blogger giveaway for an eco down-alternative pillows. If you have allergies to down or strive to go animal-free, then these can be the perfect pillows for you. All information about the event and the sign up page can be found below.

Eco Down Alternative Pillows made from Purified Recycled Water Bottles $69 Retail Giveaway

 Eco Down Alternative Pillows made from Purified Recycled Water Bottles $69 Retail
Giveaway dates: 11/16/13 - 12/01/13 

Hosted by: Easy Green Mama
Sponsored by: AllergyBuyersClub.com

Free Twitter Link WITh announcement post, or pay $5 waiver

Must have at least 1000 Facebook fans
5,000 Facebook Fans receive 1 free extra link
10,000 Facebook Fans receive 2 free extra links

Co-Host $12
Extra Links $2 each
Email and Daily Vote $5
Daily Comment $8

Must promote 3x per week on Facebook and Twitter

Open to US Only 

Announcement HTML can be found here to create you announcement post. Please create your own post with some original content for SEO purposes. Copying my post will decrease your rankings with Google.

If you want to sign up to participate, please say that All Natural Katie referred you. Most referrals will get a FREE Link and Daily Comment Entry.

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