Sunday, November 3, 2013

Nothing To #BugOut About

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My husband joked yesterday that our house is decorated for Halloween! The decorations: bugs! Real, alive bugs! With the weather getting much colder, the bugs have been looking for a warmer place, which is coincidentally our house. I am NOT a bug person. I hate creepy, crawly things. Maybe I am afraid of the bugs because I do not know a lot about them. From my gardening efforts, I do know that some bugs are very beneficial and pose absolutely no harm to humans. Let’s find out from the Orkin Ecologist which bugs are the scariest and deadliest.

The scariest and deadliest bugs in the world provides a visual mapping of insects, what they look like, and a short bio of them. I really liked the visual representations of the insects. I was surprised to find out the difference between scary insects and deadly insects. Although North American has its share of scary and deadly insects, there are potentially deadlier insects in other parts of the world. I would not want to come within 10 miles of any of the deadly insects. I found it interesting that pretty much every major continent has some form of deadly insect. I was surprised that there were no deadly insects identified for Europe.

Now that I know the scariest and deadliest bugs, I am not as freaked out by the occasional spider or cave cricket in our house. Spiders are easy to take care of for me. I put a big bowl over top of them and wait for my husband to get home to kill them. If the spider is on the smaller size, I do not mind taking care of him, but I cannot handle killing big spiders. Cave crickets, on the other hand, completely freak me out. I attribute this to their ability to jump far and wide.
Source: Wikipedia

My recent #BugOut moment occurred when I stepped, barefoot, on a cave cricket in the middle of the night! I squealed, ran back into bed, and ordered my husband to kill the cricket. I was completely grossed out. After two nights in a row of this happening, I told him to spray the basement and outside of the house with whatever he could find in the garage.

My new favorite resource for bugs is the Orkin Ecologist site, which is perfect for novice and experienced users. I like this resource because I can quickly find out what the bug is and how to get rid of it. Check out their current piece on the rise of stink bugs in the United States this year. You can follow Orkin Ecologist on Facebook and on Pinterest.

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