Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How To Green Your Husband [#CTWW]

This week's challenge:

This week invite someone to join you in a green activity. Need some ideas? Invite a friend to go for a walk ... and perhaps pick up litter as you go. Ask a family member to help you plan and cook a meatless meal. Swap clothes, tools, books, etc., with a neighbor. Start a "green club" with your friends and meet occasionally to share green tips and ideas. Host an Eco-friendly cleaning party at a friend's home. Do laundry together ... or join forces to rake up leaves. Be creative and have fun. The idea, here, is to share an experience so that a green activity which you care about will become important to someone else as well.

The more I thought about this week's challenge, the more stumped I became. I was looking for a grandiose activity with a friend or family member. I wanted to make a big impact this time. And then I realized, that Change the World Wednesday Challenges are not about making a big impact. Yes, we would all love it if we made a big impact each time, but I feel this group of greenies is more about small changes by many people, which add up to big changes over time. I took a step back and asked my husband for his thoughts as we drove to Whole Foods. 

Let me provide a little bit of a background. From some of my previous posts, you might know that my husband hasn't quite jumped on the eco-friendly bandwagon. Sometimes, he actively opposes my green efforts. He takes two sheets of paper towels, he throws something that can be composted in the trash, and he claims that he supports the plastic industry (when I want wooden toys for our baby). Most of the time, I think he does this because he feels like I am shoving eco-friendliness down his throat and mandating that things be done a certain way. Yes, I am a control freak! (LOL) Side note for myself: compromise more and he will also. Aside from these minor examples, my husband does a lot to reduce our impact on the environment. He cleans with all natural cleaners, asks which recycle bin something goes into, and even built me a garden cage a few years ago. 

Now, back to driving to Whole Foods. My husband thought about our weekend and listed a number of items that we did together. While I usually garden and take care of flower beds by myself, he helped me this weekend. While he was raking leaves, I came out with the baby and asked if he could help do a few quick things. He trimmed the peonies and placed in the compost bin, he helped pick a few carrots from the garden, and recommended some improvement to the garden for the next year. 

I reflected on these activities and realized that my husband has come a long way from gathering leaves into plastic (or paper) bags and setting out for trash pick up. We either compost the leaves, throw them over the back fence (lots of trees), or rake them to the end of the yard for leaf pick up. My lesson learned is that I need to ask him for help with garden stuff more often. Together, we can make a positive impact. 

I wonder if I could get him to give up some of the yard to expand my gardening....maybe I'll tackle this one next year!

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