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Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Board [Review]

I remember the days of plastic cutting boards. I still have the different colored, thin, flimsy ones in the cabinet. I do not keep them for cutting foods, I keep them to use as place mats for messy foods. Wooden cutting boards have been a favorite of mine for quite some time. There is something about a nicely weighted wooden cutting board that makes me feel like a real cook. Bamboo cutting boards are a good take on traditional cutting boards because they absorb less moisture, are durable and long lasting, and warp. Surpahs bamboo cutting boards are constructed of high quality eco-friendly bamboo in 3-layer overlapping joints of solid wood to ensure no warping, cracking or splitting.

Surpahs Arc Juice Groove Bamboo Cutting Board       ($24.59)
Surpahs 3 Piece Set Bamboo Cutting Boards                ($19.48)
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Eco-friendly, renewal resource
Bamboo "hairs" come off during washing
Cracked/split on the ends
Low moisture absorbency

Surpahs Arc Juice Groove Bamboo Cutting Board has been used frequently in my kitchen. I like a bit cutting board to cut vegetables on or to roll out dough for scones. This cutting board is sized 17" x 11". Either side can be used. I have been using the size without the grooves to roll out dough. This side has edges that angle down. The grooved side would be great for cutting oranges or roasted chicken, which both could release a lot of juice. I like the ability to use either side. I have liked using the cutting board for different purposes. The knife does not get stuck in the wood and I can quickly chop vegetables for a meal.

Surpahs 3-Layer Overlapping Joins Bamboo Cutting Boards come in three different sizes: 8", 11", 13". I like the ability to use a smaller or bigger board depending on what I need cut (cheese, fruit, vegetables, etc.). These are a little bit thinner than the Arc Juice Groove Bamboo Cutting Board. The thinness helps to prevent cracking and splitting.

The construction of Surpahs wooden cutting boards (3-layers of overlapping joints) help to ensure no warping, cracking or splitting. Wooden cutting boards will split over time from moisture, whether you leave them in the kitchen sink or not. I always place any wooden cutting board on the counter by the sink to prevent this from happening. I did notice that after a few uses and washes of the Surpahs Arc Juice Groove Bamboo Cutting Board, the bamboo wood split on the side in the middle. There was also a crack on one of the edges, though this could have been due to where the wood was cut.

Washing the bamboo cutting boards with a natural soap and a soft bristled brush released little bamboo "hairs." If I use the cutting board afterwards, then the "hairs" get into my food. This makes me leery about using the cutting boards. I might try washing the bamboo cutting board by hand to see if less "hairs" come off.

Surpahs recommends applying mineral oil to the new cutting board surface, with reapplication once a month. Mineral oil is a petroleum based product, so please do your research if you are avoiding potentially toxic chemicals getting on and in your food. Applying oil to the bamboo cutting board will help to reduce the "hairs" that come off during use.

Surpahs Bamboo Cutting Boards are constructed of high quality eco-friendly bamboo in 3-layer overlapping joints of solid wood. Though cracking and splitting still did occur because of the nature of a natural wooden product. I have enjoyed using the cutting boards and will continue to use them, but I would NOT purchase these again.

UPDATE 12/16/2014: I have been using this board on a daily basis. I still love the big size of the board. The little bamboo "hairs" are no longer coming off (maybe this was an initial wear-in period thing). The bamboo board has continued to split and crack. I know how to properly take care of wood products. I clean with mild, all natural soap, rinse immediately and put to dry. I limit getting the bamboo wet as little as possible. After regular use of this cutting board, I would NOT RECOMMEND this product to anyone. My husband and I have both scratched and cut ourselves on the split bamboo pieces and cracks. The crack pictures above has become bigger and the wood has split at the joints. A lot of reviews might be positive because of the initial use, but after prolonged use, I found the board to be of low quality.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned above at no cost to facilitate this review. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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