Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Update: Growing Your Own Food with Gro-ables

This post brought to you by Gro-ables. All opinions are 100% mine.

Garden planning has begun, some seeds have been sowed and I am eager to start shopping for seedlings to compliment the seeds I sowed directly into the soil. The first seeds I sowed were Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Globe Tomatoes and Cilantro.  I picked out two containers, tilled the soil and placed the Gro-ables pods right in. Add a little water and sunshine (and time) and the seeds sprouted. Miracle-Gro Gro-ables pre-packaged seed pods offer an easy way to grow your own herbs and vegetables from seed.

Planting the Miracle-Gro Gro-ables pods was very easy. I made a hole in the soil and placed the top of the container at the same level as the top of the soil. I watered right after and then about every other day to ensure the soil stayed moist. I love that the Gro-ables pods provide the right medium and fertilizer for the seeds to sprout and grow.

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables

The seeds did take a while to sprout. I began to get worried. Finally, the cilantro broke through and the globe tomatoes came shortly after. The containers have been in the breezeway, which tends to be a bit chillier than the house, but warmer than the outside. We have only had warmer temperatures in the past week, so I attribute the late sprouting to the temperatures and little sunlight. I rotate both containers daily so that the plants grow evenly. I have noticed the cilantro has become leggy, so I will keep an eye on it and make sure it gets enough sunlight.

Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Globe Tomatoes   Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Cilantro

My seedlings are still small. However, I am hopeful they will grow quickly during the warmer weather. Once I thin out the smaller seedlings, it will make more room for the others to grow. I look forward to making my easy salsa with the tomatoes and cilantro and adding the cilantro to guacamole. I also love pico de gallo on baked fish or on fish tacos.

If you are a beginner gardener or are looking to try something new, Miracle-Gro Gro-ables pods are a great addition to our garden. They pods are easy to plant and the germination rates are high. Growing your own food is easy with Miracle-Gro Gro-ables.

>> What favorite recipe would you make with globe tomatoes or cilantro??

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