Wednesday, October 29, 2014

reCAP Mason Jar Pour Cap [Review]

I have acquired a number of glass Mason jars over the past few years from my canning endeavors. From the small 4 oz canning jars to the big 1/2 gallon canning jars, I love the versatility for more than just canning. The 4 oz canning jars are perfect for storing leftovers for my toddler. The quart and half gallon canning jars are great for storing grains and dried beans. However, Mason canning jars can be used for so much more! From on-the-go drinks to organizing pantry items, reCAP Mason jar pour caps transform ordinary glass jars to containers that shake, pour and store.

Mason Jar Pour Cap              (wide mouth, silver color)
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Transform Mason jars into storage containers
Cap is made from plastic
Regular and wide mouth sizes

I have seen Mason jars being used for purposes other than canning a lot lately, but never took the plunge to try it myself until recently. I have been using used lids and rings if I was storing something in the fridge or the pantry. The used lids cannot be reused for canning. Instead of throwing them out, I decided to use them if I were storing something in the canning jar. However, unscrewing the ring and lining up the lids and rings when putting back on was becoming a bit cumbersome each time. Let's just say, I prefer easy and efficient methods. The reCAP Mason jar pour cap is the answer!

ReCAP Mason Jar Pour Cap is made from plastic and is 100% BPA free. The caps are also made in the USA.

The jar pour cap can be used for many different uses like pouring liquids and solids. That means you can use a Mason jar like a portable cup with a lid. Though I would be careful if pouring hot liquid as the glass would get very hot. Likewise with cold liquids. I could see myself using the pour cap for thinner soups if I wanted to take food on the go.

I really like that the caps can be used for just about anything. The opening is wide enough to allow most items through. The reCAP pour cap has a rubber gasket inside that provides for a good seal against the glass Mason jar. I feel comfortable that nothing would be spilled. The top opening is firm enough that it will come open accidentally, but easy enough to open. The opening is about the size of a quarter.


I am in love with reCAP Mason Jar Pour Caps. I would like get a few more lids for smaller containers that I can take on the go. ReCAP Mason jar pour caps are a great way to reuse Mason jars in many different ways.

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