Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Why a Calcium Supplement May Be Right for You [Sponsored]

Why a Calcium Supplement May Be Right for You

Calcium deficiency carries with is a wide range of uncomfortable symptoms, including lethargy, muscle cramps and numbness or tingling in your fingers. Is it largely caused by dietary inadequacies and, in some cases, lack of sun exposure. Over time, calcium deficiency can lead to osteoporosis, also known as brittle bone disease. How do you know if you need a supplement?

You Don't Do Dairy

Milk, cheese, butter, ice cream and other dairy products are rich in calcium. Unfortunately, not everyone's digestive tract is up to the task of processing them. Whether it's an allergy or sensitivity to either casein or lactose, cutting out dairy can give you calm digestion but a calcium-starved skeleton. The same applies if you find the taste unpleasant and avoid dairy products. Vegans can also suffer from this, as they eat no animal products whatsoever.

You Don't Get Enough Sun

People who live in the extreme north can go without sunlight for months at a time. In more temperate climes, dire warnings of skin cancer have taught an entire generation to shun the sun entirely to maintain their health. However, any extreme can be taken too far. Your body requires vitamin D to process calcium. You get vitamin D from the sun or from supplements. It is unfortunately very scarce in food.

If you fall under either of these criterion, a calcium supplement is usually wise. Of course, you will want to ask your doctor. You can click here to learn more about a calcium supplement that doesn't come in large, hard-to-swallow pills.

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