Saturday, July 25, 2015

Camera Coat: The Best Summer Travel Accessory [Review]

The summer vacation season is in full bloom! Families are going to the beach, Disneyworld, and visiting large and small cities. Of course, we all take our cameras with us. Lugging around a large camera bag can be cumbersome, especially when travel through airports or walking around a city or Disneyworld all day long. A camera coat is the best camera bag for travel and an adorable camera bag for women! A camera coat is a prefect DSLR camera cover - padded, splash proof, and functional.

Camera Coat - Allie Chevron        
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Durable, hand made design
Small buckle clip might be a challenge for bigger hands/fingers
Buckle clip to attach to camera strap

Sizing allows for better camera fit

Made in the USA

I was looking for a camera cover for my new DSLR camera and came upon Emily's business - cute camera bags! I was really intrigued by the fitted, padded, splash proof design of the camera coats. And that's exactly what they are, coats for your camera! The cloth cover protects my camera when it is in my purse, diaper bag or wherever else I have it stored. The camera coat also protects my camera when it is hanging on me as I am walking around taking photos.

Let me tell you why Emily's business is special. All of the camera bags are hand made by local and refugee women, mostly stay at home moms, with amazing sewing skills. You can really tell in the durability of the camera bag that I have been using on an almost daily basis for 2 months. Camera Coats also teamed up with a local non-profit TURN Community Service to provide employment opportunities for adults with disabilities. They tag, package, and ship Camera Coat products.

Basically, the camera cover is a padded cloth cover for my camera. The outside and the inside are both made with fabric. The outside fabric is a bit more rugged and the insight fabric is soft to protect the camera. There is a thick, heavy duty piece of Velcro to keep the cover securely on the camera. There are 3 pockets on the back: 1 larger and 2 smaller. The larger pocket is perfect for my business cards or the lens cover. The smaller pocket can hold extra SD cards. The bigger pocket could also hold a slim phone (no case).

Sizing: The camera coats come in 5 different sizes to fit most cameras, since DSLRs come in different sizes. Check out camera coat sizes. I ordered a Large to fit my type of camera and it fits perfectly. The camera coat still fits with the tulip lens hood when it is in the backward position over the lens.

Usage: The camera coat has a large opening that closes with heavy duty velcro. A small buckle clip that allows the camera coat to be attached to the camera strap. I really liked the heavy duty buckle clip, though it might be a bit hard for someone with big fingers or hands to use because of small parts. The strap that is used to attach the buckle clip to the camera coat is durable, but I can see it wearing out after a while, especially if the camera coat is holding something heavier like a phone and dangling by the fabric strap off the camera strap.

My Thoughts on the Camera Coat: When clipped on the strap, the camera coat is easy to get on and off. I really like this! If it starts raining or I need to run after my toddler, I can quickly put the camera coat bag on the camera. Like I mentioned above, the camera coat fits my Nikon DSLR very well. The camera coat is adorable and love having it on my camera. Usually, I carry the camera hanging across my torso or in my leather backpack purse. I am confident that the camera is protected when not in use. The camera coat also makes a great pad if I need to put my camera down on a hard surface.

I also received a matching camera strap to complement my cute camera bag for moms. I like that Camera Coats also offering adorable camera straps that match the camera bags. This stylish mom must match! The camera straps are 1.5" wide. They are made from the same high quality, heavy duty fabric and are splash proof. The fabric wipes clean if you get something on it. The camera strap has a standard strap attachment.

My Thoughts on the Camera Strap: I like the thickness of the camera strap. However, I found that the length (24" long for fabric part) was a too short for the way that I usually carry my camera. The camera strap is designed to be worn comfortably around the neck or hang on the shoulder. I usually wear the camera across my body on one shoulder and the camera strap was too short for this.

I am a mom that loves to take photographs of her child and other babies and pregnant women. Whether I am running around with my toddler at the playground or I am photographing a client's new baby, I want to look stylish and adorable. Cute camera bags helps me to look stylish and to protect my camera investment!

Enter to win a cute camera bag and matching strap!

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers. All opinions are my own.

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