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KidOFit Shoes for Customized Fit [Review]

In my mind, one of the most essential things for babies and toddlers are high quality shoes that provide structure, support and flexibility for developing feet. Babies feet grow very fast in the first 2 years and then slow down to about 1/2 size increase every 6 months. While you feel like you might be purchasing so many shoes, the investment is well worth it. Kid O Fit offer the most customized fit with transparent soles and adjustable heel a variety of high quality shoes with designs focused on a child's particular age.

KidOFit Remy       
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.

The Good
The Not So Good
Transparent soles
Sizes run a little loose
Customizable fit

Ergonomic design

I received Kid O Fit shoes in the Remy Blue sneaker style. These shoes are vegan-friendly, so they are not made with leather. Although I prefer leather shoes, I do like these are made with synthetic materials because I can easily wash them. They have a mesh body that is great for air flow.

Ordering shoes online seems to be a bit of guessing game for me, especially when ordering shoes for someone else (my toddler). KidOFit shoes appealed to me because of the extra customized fit available through the insoles and the elastic collar that stretches across the heel. There is also adjustable velcro on the heel.

KidOFit Remy sneakers in Blue have become our favorite all around shoe. Unless the weather is hot, in which case my son wears sandals, he has been wearing these sneakers. They are great for playing in the yard and look fantastic with jeans. The mesh allows for breathability and quicker drying time if the shoes get wet. The shoes have a wide opening, so it is easy to put the shoes on. My husband and I prefer shoes that open up wide so that we can easily get them on our toddler's foot. It also helps when our son tries to put the shoes on himself.

Materials: Upper: synthetic. Upper lining: textile. Sole: non-skid TPU plastic.

The Fit: KidOFit shoes fit a little loose. It is recommended not to order a larger size, but that's is okay because the customization options extend the life of the shoes.
  • Two inserts to make the shoes fit tighter or looser, can use one or both
  • Elastic collar stretches around heel
  • Velcro heel strap for tighter fit
  • Easily see where toe are with transparent sole
I had my son measured at a Stride Rite store and they recommended a size 7 for summer shoes. My son has a fairly narrow foot with a low instep. I ordered the Remy Blue shoes in size 7. The shoes were a little loose and too long on his foot.

How do Kid O Fit shoes fit my son's slim foot? To find out, I started by removing all inserts and putting the shoe on his bare foot. The transparent sole allowed me to see where his toes were in relation to the end of the shoe. Definitely some room to grow, but good enough fit to wear now.

Once I added the second set of inserts, the shoe fits much better. I also tightened the heel strap.

The Results: These are the go-to sneakers for just about anything out of the house. If it is very hot, then we wear sandals. The Remy sneakers are a great all around shoe to have in any kid's closet. The shoes look adorable with shorts, but can also be worn with khakis to church. The color and design is a bit bright for special occasions, so we just stick with every day play.

My son has been wearing the shoes with thicker socks because the length is still a little long. Though I have had him wear the shoes with thinner socks and they fit just as well. He is not tripping over his shoes, so the extra insert and tighter heel strap have helped with the shoes being just a bit too big.

I love the transparent soles because I usually cannot tell if shoes are too small on my son's foot. I also love that there are two velcro straps (on top of foot and on the heel), so I can cinch down the shoe around his skinny foot.

I would recommend KidOFit shoes for 3 reasons:
  1. High quality design with many customization options for optimal fit
  2. Transparent soles for clear view of toes
  3. Ergonomic and comfortable
I would like to see KidOFit use more natural materials like leather and natural plastic. Though for sneakers, I am comfortable with synthetic fabrics because they are easier to clean.

I would purchase KidOFit in the future and would recommend them to my friends with kids. The focus on ergonomic design and customizable fit results in a great investment of shoes that will last more than one season. My son started wearing these shoes over 1 month ago and I can see them being worn through the Spring. The construction is solid and by taking out the insoles, he will be able to wear these shoes longer than usually expected with kids' shoes.

Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are my own and are honest.

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