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Post Partum Belly Band [review]

No matter the shape of your body or the outcome of labor and birth, a recovery and support belly band is a must have post-partum product. Skin and muscles stretch. Abs become non-existent. A Post-partum belly band is a great way to provide support during recovery. Mamaway post-partum bamboo belly band is soft, comfortable, and can be worn all day.

Mamaway Post-Partum Belly Band           
Rating: total green check marks out of 5.
Disclosure: I received the product to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own and are honest.

The Good
The Not So Good
3 velcro fasteners for customized fit
Hand wash recommended
Soft and comfortable

Does not ride up

A postnatal belly band seeps up recovery after birth and increase  blood circulation. It helps to provide structure and support for abs stretched during pregnancy. Right after birth, the belly band is worn lower to help with uterus and pelvis recovery. Then, it is worn higher to tighten the abdominal area and provide back support. Mamaway belly band can be worn right after birth, both natural births and c-section births. The belly band is made from nyllon, rubber, bamboo charcoal, and polyester. The material is thick, but is soft and stretchy. The belly band does not ride even when bending up and down to hold the baby and while doing household tasks.


When undone, the belly band lays flat. The main piece of the belly band has velcro on the end and goes around the area that needs support. There are two smaller compression belt that provide more targeted support. The 3 step fastening helps to target specific areas that need support and recovery the most.

The belly band can be worn all day long, under or over clothes, and can even be worn during the night. The belly band does not ride up and move with your body.

Usage: In the first 4 weeks post partum, lie down to secure the belly band. If more than 4 weeks, can do it standing up. The band has a slight curvature to it, so you can tell which part goes on the bottom (or remember that the red and white tag goes on your right side). Secure the big panels first, then secure each compression belt where you need it most.

Hand washing with a neutral detergent and warm water is recommended. Lay out to dry in a cool, shaded area.

Results:  My dress size is around a 2. I ordered a Medium size because smaller sizes were not available. The Medium fits me well! I do not feel that there is excess fabric and the compression bands have more way to go. I would say that the Medium size would be perfect for me right after giving birth.

It has been quite a bit of time since I have giving birth. Nonetheless, I feel like I still need help with lower back and ab support. Carrying my toddler or holding him in church takes a bit toll on my lower back. I have been wearing the Mamaway belly band as a corset and for back support. Standing up, I can quickly put the belly band on. I use the 2 compression bands to define my waistline. I really like the way the belly band provides support for my lower back, helps to cinch in my waist, and helps me to have better posture. The belly band is quite comfortable to wear throughout the day, but I do not see myself wearing it for more than a few hours. I was able to bend down and do some light cleaning with the belly band on.

You can see from the above photos that the 2 compression bands really helped to define my waist. If I needed more help on my lower belly, I would attach the 2 compression bands lower.

Mamaway post-partum support belly band is a great investment for anyone who is pregnant and for moms that need more support and definition after giving birth. The ability to customize the fit of the belly band is a great feature that a lot of other post-partum belly bands do not offer.

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