Monday, November 14, 2011

Green Motivation Monday - Take the Stairs

This post is part of the Green Motivation Monday series.  The purpose of these weekly posts is to offer motivation to take a small baby step in the green and eco-friendly direction.  Of course, I will be taking the step right along with you.  I will let you know how I did and I hope you let me know what you were able to accomplish.

Motivation: Take the stairs to burn a few calories and reduce electricity usage if you need to go up or down less than 5 floors.

I work on the 26th floor and I have taken the stairs both up and down several times (not in one day, lol).  Yes, it's difficult.  Yes, I feel like I'm going to die halfway up.  However, it takes only 7 minutes to do so and I burn around 40-50 calories doing so.  Either way, taking the stairs helps me to break up the monotony of sitting behind a computer all day long.

Taking the stairs when you have to go up or down only a few floors is reasonable for most people.  Next time you have the option, seek out the stairs instead of pushing the elevator button.


Anonymous said...

What a challenge..26 flights of stairs!! I go up/down my son's entry way all the time...does that count?
26 stairs :))

May said...

Great post very informative. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting, following back.

Unknown said...

Colleen - yes, 26 stairs count! At least we're moving around!

In our second office location, the building is 2 floors and I see people all of the time waiting for an elevator. It's 1 floor people! Seriously!

Unknown said...

May - thank you for stopping by!

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